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Perhaps you have heard about Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network that’s popular in the United States and its nearby regions. Millions of viewers all over the country watch this channel regularly, to stay updated with news and entertainment updates from the shows being featured on it. If you have cable TV at home, you may have Telemundo as one of your channels, as NBCUniversal retains a partnership with Telemundo networks and stations. 

Telemundo is an entertainment channel that has been launched in order to broadcast news, sports, reality TV shows, and of course popular Telenovelas or soap operas. You can watch it on a number of streaming platforms such as Roku, Fire TV, and other streaming devices. But let’s say you have the streaming device and you are interested in using the internet to watch your favorite show or don’t know how to activate Telemundo on Roku? Then, this guide will help a great deal to understand how to make Telemundo activate on Roku and other devices easily. 

Adding Telemundo Channel on Roku

Are you a fan of Spanish-language TV shows? Well, thanks to the Telemundo Roku channel, you can now enjoy it on your television set. It will help satellite pay-TV and cable subscribers from all over the country to access original episodes of their favorite series and shows in a timely manner. Below given is a list of major Telemundo shows that you can watch on Roku:

  • El Final del Paraíso
  • Caso Cerrado
  • Exatlón
  • La Voz
  • Buscando a Frida
  • La Doña
  • 100 días para enamorarnos
  • El Señor de los Cielos
  • La suerte de Loli
  • Betty
  • la fea, etc.

Other than this, you can also replay the best of Sports and News channels with ease.

Activate Telemundo on Roku via telemundo.com/activar

The Telemundo Roku channel is something great, because it allows you to watch your favorite shows on demand. Just ask your satellite pay-TV or cable provider and they’ll let you know if the Telemundo Roku channel is offered as a free add-on. Following are the steps that one can prompt with to add Telemundo on Roku. 

  • Visit the home screen on Roku by tapping the home button (red in color) on your TV remote.
  • Choose to tap the streaming channels from the home page.
  • Navigate to the search channel option.
  • Now, use the on-screen keyboard of your device.
  • With the keyboard enter the “Telemundo” keyword in the search field.
  • Pick to select Telemundo app from the obtained results.
  • Click Add Channel to install the Telemundo app on your Roku device.
  • Complete installation to receive the activation code.
  • Move to the browser to open the official activation page.
  • Go to telemundo.com/activar link on your browser.
  • Put the code in the given space.
  • Click Continue and wait for a few minutes to activate the channel app.

In the same way, you can activate the Telemundo Spanish channel on your Fire TV and Apple TV as well. Outline are the steps that you need to follow.

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Guide to Activate on Apple TV at telemundo.com/activar

Adding Telemundo app on Apple TV is quick and easy to perform. These are the steps that you can go with for successful channel activation:

  • To begin the main activation steps make sure to first have an active internet connection on the device.
  • Once you connect the internet to your Apple TV, visit the App Store.
  • From the App Store, search for the Telemundo app.
  • You can use the search icon to find the app.
  • Download and install Telemundo app and then make it launch.
  • From the app, go to the more option.
  • Navigate to the My Profile and complete sign in.
  • Simply, click on the sign-in option to submit the details of your NBCUniversal Profile.
  • This will generate an activation code that appears on the TV screen.  
  • Note down the code and use it for activation. 
  • Visit telemundo.com/activar link on another device – smartphone or pc. 
  • Input the code in the respective field.
  • Click continue to furnish up the activation process.

Steps to Activate Telemundo on Fire TV at telemundo.com/activar

Telemundo fans will have endless entertainment at the touch of a button – featuring the most popular shows and recent episodes. Turn your television into your own movie theater and watch the best of Telemundo shows online on your Fire TV device.

Below-Neath are the major steps that you need to follow:

  • Go to the Amazon Fire TV home screen.
  • Explore the App Store of the device.
  • Search for the Telemundo app using the Search icon.
  • Select the channel from the list of suggestions.
  • Choose the channel and then add it on your device by installing it.
  • Click OK to launch the Telemundo channel.
  • Go to more and select My Profile option.
  • Login to your NBCUniversal profile to receive the authentication code.
  • Write down the activation code at telemundo.com/activar.
  • Click OK and then link your TV provider by logging in to your account.
  • Prompt further with the steps to complete activation. 

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How to Watch Telemundo without cable TV?

Nowadays, it is easy to watch Telemundo without a TV provider or cable. Several service providers have been established throughout the United States to provide television enthusiasts with channels like Telemundo. The subscribers must follow certain rules, terms, and conditions in order to watch TV channels without cable or satellite. 

Make sure to subscribe to one of the following streaming service providers that allow you to watch Telemundo content.

  • Hulu TV – Enroll for Hulu services by paying a cost of $64.99/month. With the platform, you can watch more than 70 channels along with Telemundo. By subscribing to the channel, you can enjoy having 7 days of a free trial.
  • AT&T TV Now – This streaming platform allows you to stream 60+ channels with a watch time of 500 hours of Cloud DVR storage. Simply pay a monthly price of $55/month.
  • YouTube TV – Another platform to stream Telemundo on Roku is using YouTube TV by paying a monthly fee of $64.99/month. Meanwhile, you won’t get any free trial with the service. 

Activate Code Not Working How to Fix?

If you make some major error related to the Telemundo activation code not working then try to execute the following troubleshooting tips ASAP! 

  • Regenerate Your Code: When the Telemundo Activation Code doesn’t work on your device, you are advised to repeat the entire activation process once again. This way you can easily generate a new code by reinstalling the Telemundo app once again on your device. 
  • Use a Compatible Browser: Additionally, to be on the safer side, you can use a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari to execute the activation steps. At the same time, you are advised to clear all the caches and cookies from your web browser on the PC or laptop that you are using. 
  • Use Updated Channel app: Before you start up with the activation process, Make sure to only download and install the Telemundo app with the latest version.

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FAQs – Frequently asked question

Q. What are the best of Telemundo’s shows?
You can watch the top Telemundo shows like – The Queen of the South, The Dona, and the End of the Rainbow.

Q. How to use Telemundo Mobile app?
Users will be glad to know that Telemundo offers a mobile application that can easily be downloaded on your Smartphone or Tablet such as an Android or iOS Operating system. Get the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Q. What kind of major programs can you get on Telemundo?
Telemundo is known to provide Spanish-language programs on several genres such as:

  1. Series
  2. Television dramas
  3. Films
  4. Newscasts
  5. Sports
  6. Reality Television, and a lot more

Q. What’s the best way to get Telemundo on your device?
Simply, download and install the Telemundo app on your device. Click Sign in to your NBCUniversal account. Receive the code and enter it at telemundo.com/activar.


  • Telemundo’s is Spanish-language programming available on several devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV device.
  • Simply activate the Telemundo app using the telemundo.com/activar link.
  • You can get the app on devices like Roku and Fire TV.
  • Download the telemundo.com/activar channel to stream the best of reality shows.

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