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Launched in February 1994, Starz network is a premium cable and satellite TV channel that offer viewers the opportunity to watch some of their favorite movies, shows, and specials.

So, if you’re looking to watch the latest movies and TV shows? You are lucky! 

From blockbusters like Spiderman and Bad Boys for Life to trending shows like American Gods, Black Sails, and Spartacus, Starz offers a wide range of entertainment content exclusively at affordable prices.

Note, you cannot enjoy any of these amazing entertainment doses unless you activate Starz on your streaming device via starz.com/activate

So, let’s check out how to activate the service on multiple streaming platforms that you might use.

Sign Up / Register for a Starz Account

Accessing Starz content will require an active premium subscription. But before you become a subscriber, Starz offers its users a Free Trial. 

So, quickly follow the steps below to register /sign up for a free trial account on Starz:

  • First, navigate to the Starz Website
  • Now tap on “Start Your Free Trial”. 
  • Here, provide the required credentials (including your email and password) to sign up for the Starz service.

You’ve successfully registered now to add the service to any streaming device of your choice and start enjoying your daily entertainment dose.

Activate Starz on Multiple Streaming Devices via starz.com/activate

Waiting to watch Spider-Man or Jumani: The Next Level, Bad Boys for Life, and The Amazing Spider-Man? Or action-packed hit series like “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” and “Boss,”? Or popular dramas like “Magic City” and much more?

You can have the most of it once you activate Starz on your compatible streaming device.

Here’s a compiled guide to help you activate the service on various streaming devices you may use. 

How to Activate Starz On Roku

Activating Starz on Roku is nothing but a matter of moments. The activation process takes less than five minutes and you can access the channel’s service for only $8 a month after a 7-day free trial period. Check out the steps below to activate Starz on Roku

  • To get started with the activation process on Roku, Sign in to your Roku device first.
  • Now navigating to Home on the device’s menu, select “Streaming Channels”.
  • Type to search the channel Starz. Once you’ve located the channel select “OK” to add it to your Roku device.
  • After the channel is installed, open it and log in using your account credentials (email address and password to sign up for the service.
  • You’ll receive a unique activation code here. Remember the code must be saved for further reference. 
  • Now, using your PC or mobile browser visit starz.com/activate. Sign in to enter the activation code you had saved. 
  • Once the code is verified, the Starz service is successfully activated and you can seamlessly enjoy streaming Starz on your Roku device.

Activate Starz On Fire TV at starz.com/activate

Amazon Fire TV or any other Amazon device for that matter is another popular medium to stream starz.com/activate. You can access the best movies, popular series and documentaries that are available on the channel to stream on a range of Amazon devices- Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or Amazon Fire tablet.

  • To get started with the activation process on Amazon Fire TV, navigate to the Home Screen of your device and open the “Amazon App store”.
  • Type to search the Starz application. Once located, download to install it on your Amazon device.
  • Next, launch the Starz app on your Fire TV and log in using your account credentials (email and password).
  • Here, you’ll receive a unique activation code here. Remember the code must be saved for further reference. 
  • Visit starz.com/activate and enter the activation code displayed on the device’s screen to activate the service. You can start streaming your favourite Starz content.

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On Apple TV

Apple TV is another popular streaming platform for those iOS users who’ve been ardently waiting to stream Starz on Apple TV. 

After a long wait, the Starz app is finally available for Apple TV, ushering in hours of endless entertainment for dedicated fans of popular shows such as Outlander and Power. 

Here’s how you can activate the channel:

  • To get started activating Starz on Apple TV, go to the Apple TV Home Screen and launch the App Store.
  • Type to search for the Starz channel app and download it on your Apple TV device.
  • Now launch the application and login in with your account credentials (email and password) to receive an activation code.
  • Now visit the activation URL starz.com/activate and enter the activation code displayed on your Apple TV screen.
  • Next click on submit to activate the streaming service and enjoy your favorite Starz shows and movies.

On Android TV

Hey Android TV users!

You can enjoy streaming your favourite Starz content from Comedy to romance to action-packed shows and movies on one of the most user-friendly platforms. 

  • To get started with the Android TV activation process, ensure that your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Next, visit the Google Play Store. Type to search Starz and install the application on your Android TV.
  • Now Launch the application, and log into the app using your Starz account credentials.
  • Now upon launching the Starz application, you will receive a unique activation code. This activation code must be saved. You can alternatively leave your screen visible for the same.
  • Now using a different device visit starz.com/activate and input the code you had received in the space provided.
  • Finally, you’re just one step ahead from activating Starz on your Android TV.
  •  Tap the Submit button to activate the service. Your Android TV is all ready to stream your favourite Starz content.

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On PlayStation4 via starz.com/activate

Gamers are sure to have a lot of questions surrounding how to stream Starz on a gaming console like PlayStation 4? 

Well for all gamers we have good news for you. You can download and activate the Starz application on PS4 in a jiffy.

To download the Starz application, follow the steps below:

  • Turn on your PlayStation 4 and from the Home screen go to TV and Video.
  • Select the Starz application. You’ll be navigated to the PlayStation Store. Here, tap to download the app. 
  •  If you’re unable to trace the application in the TV and Video section, from the home-screen press up and select the Play Station Store.
  • From the PlayStation store, select the apps section.
  • From the Apps section, select movies and TV.
  • Choose the Starz app and click on download.

To activate Starz on PlayStation 4, quickly follow the steps:

  • While the app is running, go to settings and log in to your Starz account using a computer or tablet. 
  • Next, tap on “Manage Account” under the STARZ heading. 
  • Select the option “Activate Streaming Service.” Starz is successfully activated on your PlayStations4 console.

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On Sling TV

Sling TV is another popular platform to stream on-demand content like movies and TV series. If you’re looking to activate Starz on your Sling TV device, quickly follow the steps below:

  • To get started with the activation process, sign in to your Sling TV account. Don’t have an account? sign up to create one and become a sling TV subscriber.
  • Next, navigate to “Change Subscription” from your account setting section
  • Now tap on the “+Select” button located next to “Starz
  • Tap on “Submit Order” to add the channel to your Sling TV service
  • Starz is activated successfully on your device.

On Xfinity

Activating Starz on Xfinity is very simple. First, ensure that you have an active Starz subscription. If you don’t have one, sign up for a free trial on the Starz website.

Upon confirming that you have a subscription, you need an X1 set-top box. Now let’s get started with the activation process on your Xbox:

  • Pressing the “Guide” button on your device’s remote go on to display the main guide (List of channels)
  • Browsing the guide, select the Starz channel and add it to your favorites.
  • Next, open the channel to log in to your Starz account using your email and password to receive an activation code.
  • Now visit the activation URL starz.com/activate and enter the activation code displayed on-screen.
  • Next click on submit to activate the streaming service and enjoy your favorite Starz shows and movies.

Final Cut

Entertainment is quite like the refreshment break that you get after a lengthy conference. Entertainment improves your mental health, brings you happiness, and gives you enough time to go back to work with new vigor.

Now people entertain themselves in varying ways. Some go out to meet their friends on a weekend, some prefer tuning to some good music or reading their favourite books, while some others spend quality time with their family over a good movie.

If you’re one of those who prefer watching movies of your favourite genre- be it comedy, romance, spine chilling thrillers or murder mysteries, or first-run original television series, activate Starz using starz.com/activate on your streaming device.

We hope you found the most useful to help you activate Starz on a device of your choice.

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By now you must have already got some queries to clarify before activating Starz. Keeping the same in mind we have listed a few FAQs down to help you out:

Q. I can’t activate Starz on my streaming device. What should I do? 

A common issue with Starz TV is the activation failure. This can be due to a temporary problem like a server issue in which you can wait and try again after a few hours.

If you face such an issue, the only best solution is to try using another device to activate the channel.

Q. Starz App isn’t working. How to fix it?

Starz app not working is another common yet major issue faced by many Starz subscribers while activating the service on any streaming device.

Numerous reasons work behind the issue. Bug problems, the app is outdated, or due to third-party app problems. To easily fix this

  • Login into your Starz account on the website
  • Now navigate to the streaming device where the app is not working and delete it
  • Reboot the device to reinstall the app
  • Next open the app to log into your account
Q. Can I access Starz without being a Subscriber?

Starz is a subscription service. Therefore, you can’t access the channel free of cost. But there is a free trial available for those signing up for the service for the first time. Note, the trial can be cancelled at any time.

Q. How do I obtain a Starz activation code?

To obtain the Starz activation key, log into the Starz app with your subscription account. 

Note If you don’t own a Starz membership, you’ll not be able to enable Starz on your TV.

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