Activate SoundCloud App on Xbox, iOS, iPhone, Android, Sonos [Updated 2022]

Streaming is the most convenient and popular way to listen to your favorite music, without compromising on sound quality.

Today a wide range of streaming services offer unlimited access to vast catalogues of music, podcasts and much more. 

These platforms allow you to stream over the internet or downloaded directly onto your device for offline listening. 

SoundCloud is one of the world’s leading social sound platforms where you can listen to, discover and share new tracks from emerging and established artists for free. 

Let’s get to know more about the SoundCloud App and how to activate it via on multiple devices.

The SoundCloud Hype

Starting its journey in 2007, SoundCloud has emerged as one of the most extensive music streaming services in the market today. 

For both creators and listeners on SoundCloud, there is a free and an extended experience.

The service is available in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia with upgraded versions like SoundCloud Go+ and SoundCloud Pro to provide an extended creator experience.

Did you know about SoundCloud’s exclusive features?

  • Explore SoundCloud’s vast Music Library  
  • Follow your favorite artist.
  • Select and listen to music using categories and genres.
  • You can even create your personal playlist on SoundCloud.

Activate SoundCloud App via on multiple streaming devices

With about 175 million users globally, SoundCloud has both free and paid tiers if you want to subscribe to its services. 

Available on multiple streaming platforms like Web, iOS, Android Sonos, Chromecast and Xbox, you can easily access the app and its content. 

All you need is to successfully activate the SoundCloud App via on these devices before you start streaming. Let’s get started. . .

On Xbox

Now available on Xbox One, the Xbox One app offers many of the traditional features of Library, Discovery, and Search. 

With time the app will add more features. But currently, the app’s features include:

  • Library: Comprises Liked tracks, playlists and albums, with quick access to content through recently player
  • Discover: Comprises of Stream, Charts, and a brand new feature-The Upload
  • Search: You can access this ever improving search feature to look for your favourite tracks, artists displaying the top results
  • Sign in: An activation mechanism that allows you to sign in to Xbox from another device seamlessly.
  • Cortana:  Xbox’s live assistant, Cortana, allows you to activate voice control in the background to easily skip or play tracks.
  •  The player has a Shuffle button
  •  A context menu to access options such as Go to profile
  • The Start screen playlist allows you to see SC before you sign in 

Now that Xbox offers you such exclusive features to stream your favourite track, let’s start to activate the SoundCloud App on Xbox via using the steps below:

  • Turn on Xbox One and visit the Windows Store and search for the SoundCloud app
  • From the displayed search results, select the SoundCloud app and Tap the Get button to download and install it.
  • Once installed, launch the app on your Xbox device
  • Upon launching, a 6-character activation code and an URL will be displayed on-screen. Note the code must be copied or saved 
  • Now using the web browser on another device (your PC or mobile) visit
  • Now using the SoundCloud Credentials sign in to your account
  • Here, you should see and enter the registration code displayed on-screen

The SoundCloud App is successfully activated on your Xbox. You can enjoy listening to your favourite artists and track via Xbox’s exclusive features.

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On iOS device (iPhone/iPad/Apple TV) via

If you’re an iOS user with either an iPhone or iPad, you can easily access the SoundCloud App on your iOS device using these activation steps below:

  • From your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), launch the App Store 
  • Now type to search the SoundCloud app
  • Once located, select the SoundCloud App from the listed search results
  • Tap the Get button to install the app on whichever iOS device you’re using
  • Once the app is successfully installed, launch it
  • Next, using your SoundCloud account credentials sign in
  • Now an activation code will be displayed on-screen. Don’t forget to copy or save the activation code for further reference
  • Now visit from another device (Your PC or tablet) and once again log in with the same account
  • Here, enter the activation code that you had copied
  • Confirm if you’ve correctly entered the code. Now tap to Submit 

The SoundCloud app has been successfully activated on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad/ Apple TV). Discover your favourite artists, stay tuned to new releases and share to expand your music community.

Activate SoundCloud On Android

Are you an Android user and wondering if SoundCloud is accessible on your device? 

Yes, you can download the app on any Android device- Android TV, phone or Android tabs. 

All you need to do is follow these steps to activate the app and seamlessly stream your favourite music. Let’s get started:

  • First, turn on your Android TV and visit Google PlayStore
  • Here, type to search for the SoundCloud app. Once located, tap to install the application
  • Now launch the app on your device and you’ll see the log-in page of SoundCloud
  • Submit your account credentials here. Once you do so, you’ll receive an activation code
  • Copy or save the activation code for further reference in the activation process
  • Now from any device (your PC or Mobile) visit the website
  • Now use your SoundCloud account credentials and sign in to your account
  • Here, enter the activation code you had saved or copied.
  • Don’t forget to recheck if you’ve entered the code correctly. Now tap to Submit 

The SoundCloud app is successfully activated on your Android device(s). Track new music releases, explore the trending playlists every day and don’t forget to share your SoundCloud favourites with your network.

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On Sonos 

To set up Sonos, you simply need to plug your speaker into a power source, connect the device to your home network (either to a wireless or wired network via a router) and download the Sonos app to follow the on-screen instructions.

Sonos offer the following SoundCloud features:

  • Explore the Audio & Music section-most loved by the SoundCloud community. You can search by Artist & Track
  • Streaming on SoundCloud keeps you updated on who you follow.
  • All SoundCloud native apps allow you to browse the content you’ve liked, Playlists you’ve created and Artists you’ve followed.
  • You can like the tracks you are listening to directly from the Sonos Controller App and check out related tracks and feature the track you are listening to through the Info & Options screen.
  • By subscribing to SoundCloud Go+, you have access to Sonos’ entire catalog.

But you can access these features only if you add and activate SoundCloud on Sonos. Wondering how? Follow the steps below

Sound Cloud On iOS or Android

To add and activate the SoundCloud music service app on iOS or Android device follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Sonos Controller app on your iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Now navigate to the Settings tab and tap Services
  • Under the Music and Content menu, tap on Add Music Services
  • Now select the service (SoundCloud) and tap on Add to Sonos
  • Here, you must tap on I already have an account to add your SoundCloud account. After this, follow the screen instructions to complete the action.
  • Upon added, the music service will be displayed on your Sonos app.

You’ve successfully added and activated the SoundCloud app on Sonos. Now you can play SoundCloud through Sonos.

SoundCloud on Mac or PC

To add and activate the SoundCloud music service app on Mac or PC follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Sonos app and navigate to the Select a Music Source section
  • Here select the Add Music Services option
  • Now tap the service (SoundCloud) you want to add
  • Now follow the on-screen prompts to add the SoundCloud music service to Sonos.


Choosing the best music streaming service often becomes difficult from the thousands of available options.

What differentiates these music streaming services today are the sound quality, the user experience on desktop and mobile apps, and what devices you can use them with. 

SoundCloud claims to be the world’s leading online platform for music and audio since its launch in 2007. 

Quite similar to YouTube, SoundCloud (without video, of course), you can upload your music content that —makes it public and discoverable by anyone who visits the site. 

If you’re passionate about music and wish to seek inspiration from up and rising artists, publish your tracks on SoundCloud, or look for podcasters who share their shows on SoundCloud, it is a searchable and streamable repository of audio content of all kinds.

Found the SoundCloud activation steps mentioned above helpful? Then quickly activate the app on your supported streaming device via

Also, share this within your network so that they can start their SoundCloud journey today.

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Still, stuck to solving some added queries about how to activate SoundCloud? Here’s a list of frequently solved questions you may follow:

Q. Is SoundCloud a “Freemium” service?

SoundCloud starts as a free service for both listeners and content creators. 

This means you can listen to and upload tracks for free, but the application also owns a few premium features at an extra cost. 

For instance, if you want to opt for upgraded versions of the app like SoundCloud Go or SoundCloud Go+ you can sign up for a 30-day free trial after which a monthly subscription fee is applicable. 

SoundCloud Go charges a subscription fee worth $4.99 (web/Android) and $5.99 (iOS) per month. SoundCloud Go+ charges $9.99 (web/Android) and $12.99 (iOS) per month.

Q. Can I listen to music even without signing up for a SoundCloud account?

This is the best thing about SoundCloud that even before you’ve logged in or signed up for a new account, you can directly search for a track, an artist, a podcast, etc on the app.

SoundCloud will give you a list of results. You can tap on any and start listening. 

Not sure what you want to listen to? Simply check out the SoundCloud Top 50 that’ll display the most popular item on the platform.

However, we recommend you sign up for a SoundCloud account via Facebook, Google, or your email address. Signing up gives you access to more of SoundCloud.

Q. Is SoundCloud legal and safe to use? 

Though the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) of the United States has licensed SoundCloud, no licenses have been granted to the streaming service by any performing rights organization so far. 

Coming to safety, SoundCloud blocks certain sites to ensure the safety of its users and their accounts. 

The app also flags any site that is suspected of hosting content that goes against its Terms of Use such as containing phishing scams, spam or malicious software. 

To report a harmful site, or if a site you manage is being blocked by the app, report the activity here.

Q. How do I listen to SoundCloud Tracks & Playlists on Sonos?

To listen to SoundCloud tracks along with other latest music and audio playlists on Sonos, first, select SoundCloud from the available music service menu available on your Sonos, and sign in using your SoundCloud account login details.

Q. How do I play SoundCloud on my Smart TV?

SoundCloud wirelessly plays music and other audio content from the home audio system & selected gadgets. So, you can play SoundCloud on Android TV, Apple TV and Chromecast.

Q. Can more than one user access SoundCloud simultaneously?

Once you’ve subscribed to the SoundCloud Go subscription, you can use up to 3 devices at a time. Note: this limitation does not include desktop use of SoundCloud Go.

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