How to Setup or Activate Roku Device using

Generally speaking, the novel Coronavirus has made ”the stay-at-home” a norm. 

As such cable-cutting consumers increasingly search for entertainment for weeks on end when bored has become a hard reality.

When it comes to streaming media devices, there are ample options to choose from. 

Moreover, new streaming products at competitive prices are annually hitting the market. 

With ample choices available the question is are all devices the same?

While Tech giants like Amazon, Google and Apple are all leading the market currently with their own streaming devices, Roku remains our favourite brand when it comes to streaming.

So, let’s learn to set up and activate a Roku Device using

Roku current generation Models 

Roku is one of the most popular streaming platforms with the most user-friendly interface. At extremely reasonable rates it has various models to suit your choice. These are:

  • Roku Express                              
  • Roku Express 4K
  • Roku Express 4K+
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Streaming Stick 4K
  • Roku Streaming Stick 4K+
  • Roku Streambar
  • Roku Streambar Pro

How to Activate Roku device using

Before setting up your Roku device, you must confirm if your Roku player or Roku Streaming Stick supports 4K Ultra HD (4K) or High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Without a 4K-compatible TV or an HDR-compatible TV, you cannot enjoy 4K or HDR. Besides a compatible TV, there are other requirements you should take note of while setting up your Roku device for 4K or setting it up for HDR.

So, if you’ve got your new Roku streaming player, this guide will help you to set up your device. 

Follow these few quick and easy steps below and your Roku Streaming player or Streaming Stick is all set to run unlimited entertainment you’ve been long hunting for. Let’s get started with the hardware setup instructions:

  • First things First: Create your Roku Account

Whether it’s Roku, or any other streaming device for that matter, creating your account is the first step to activating your Roku streaming device. You can create your Roku Account for free by opting for either of the two: 

You can either create it beforehand on or while you start the activation process of your Roku streaming device. However, we recommend you make your Roku account beforehand to avoid last-minute hassles.

  • Connect the Roku device to your TV

There are two ways to connect your Roku device to your TV. Whether you have a Roku player or a Roku Streaming Stick, you can connect both using either of the two methods:


You can connect your Roku device (Roku Player) using the correct HDMI cable, or directly connect your Streaming Stick. Note if you plan to stream 4K or HDR content, you need to connect your compatible Roku device to an HDMI input that supports HDCP 2.2. 

Via Composite

In case your TV does not have an HDMI port don’t worry. You can simply connect your compatible Roku player using composite cables.

  • Connect the Roku player to your wired network 

Another alternative is using a wired network. If your Roku player has an Ethernet port, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your player and the other end to an available Ethernet port on your router or network switch.

  • Connect the Roku device to power

There are two ways to connect your Roku device to power. You can either opt for a wall outlet or a USB on your TV. Let’s check them out in detail: 

Via a wall outlet 

You can use the power adaptor or the USB power cable and power adaptor to connect your Roku streaming device to a wall outlet. 

Via a USB port on your TV

The second alternative is a USB port. If you’re a Roku user, you should know that all Roku Streaming Sticks support a USB power source, but not all Roku players will. If you are connecting your Roku device to a USB power, use the USB power cable for connecting it to a USB port on your TV.

  • Turn on your TV to select the correct input

Turn on your television and select the input where you connected your Roku device. You should see the Roku logo on the TV screen as your Roku device is turned on. 

In case you don’t see the Roku logo on your TV, help is available here.

  • You must install batteries in your Roku remote

Well, batteries are like the heart of your remote control. Unless they’re fit and fine your remote cannot function adequately. 

To ensure that your Roku remote operates well, slide open the battery cover on the backside of your remote and insert the batteries.

Not sure what type of remote you have? Check for a voice button since only Roku voice remotes have this button.

Roku On-screen set up and Activation guide via

Once your Roku device is externally hooked up, navigate to set up and activate your Roku device on-screen. Here’s what you need to do next:

  • Select your preferred language
  • To begin the activation process, the first screen you see will ask you to select a language of your choice. The Roku interface displays all text and dialogue in the selected language.
  • Scroll up and down the list of the languages available. Choose your preferred one and select OK on using your Roku remote. However, note that some channels may not support a chosen language. It is the responsibility of the service provider to translate those channels. 

Connect Your Roku device to a Wired/ Wireless network

Connecting your Roku device to your wired or wireless network is the first and foremost step before activating the device. 

If you’re using a wired network, ensure an Ethernet cable is connected to your Roku player either (via an Ethernet port) or a compatible Ethernet adapter (via a USB or micro-USB port supporting a third-party adapter) and then select Wired. Otherwise, select Wireless and follow the guidelines below via a wireless connection.

  • Check that you have a stable and reliable internet. Select your wireless network from a list of available networks and enter your password. Note your computer or smartphone should be connected to the same network. If you’re unable to locate your network, select the Scan again to see all networks option. For more assistance with your wireless network check here.
  • We often mistyped or entered wrong passwords. However, to see while typing your password, choose Show password. Note, passwords are case-sensitive. To enter a capital letter, press the shift key on the on-screen keyboard.
  • Once your password is entered, select Connect. Your device will automatically connect to the internet.

Wait for your Roku device to upgrade to the latest software

Once connected to the internet, your Roku device will check for an available software update. In case of an available update, it downloads the latest version and automatically reboots the device. 

Once the upgraded software is installed, your Roku device will display a link code. Copy the link and visit on your computer or mobile device. 

Following the instructions on the website, you’ll be asked to create a Roku account or log in to your existing account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to add your favourite channels. Make sure to also download the Roku mobile App.

  • Roku display set up

Note, your Roku device analyses the HDMI connection to detect the best display resolution. This removes the option for you to manually configure the settings. In case you wish to change the display type later simply, go to Settings > Display type.

If support for 4K or HDR is not detected on your compatible Roku device, but you’re using a compatible TV, ensure all HDMI cables are firmly attached and all connections support HDCP 2.2.

  • Roku voice remote setup for TV control

Select the Check remote settings option to automatically set up your Roku voice remote. This step is necessary as the Roku voice remote will control the power and volume of your TV. 

Initially, if you skip this step, you can set up your remote for TV control any time later. All you have to do is navigate to the Settings menu > Remotes & devices > Remotes > select your remote > Set up remote for TV control

  • Roku activation setup is completed

Following all the steps above, you will complete the activation. Once completed you’ll be notified as ‘Setup complete’

All streaming channels you selected during the process will be automatically downloaded and installed. 

You may remove or update the channels any time after the activation process is completed.

The Bright Future of the Streaming industry is not too far. . . 

While industries around the world are accepting hits given society’s recent self-isolation protocols, the streaming industry is witnessing a boom. 

Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and HBO Now have already racked up millions of subscribers in no time, while Quibi, HBO Max, Peacock and others are likely to launch soon.

Thus, it is likely that the streaming industry will continue to witness a boost. With a Roku streaming device, you can enjoy thousands of free and paid channels, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime etc. Activate your device now using to stream your favourites.


Still, have additional queries about Roku device activation and set up? Here’s more to add to your knowledge:

Q. My Roku activation link isn’t working.

Often you might have encountered that you didn’t receive any confirmation mail from Roku. This means that your activation link is not working. 

To solve this, return to the on-screen activation on your Roku device and Press Star on your remote. Now select Edit email and re-enter or update your email address when prompted. Now refresh your email and check for the new activation link.

Activation email issue still not solved? Try activating the Roku device with a different email address.

Q. I didn’t receive an activation email from Roku.

Completed the activation steps and didn’t receive the activation mail from Roku? Here’s what you must try:

  • It’s only a matter of time

In some cases, it may take several minutes before you receive the activation email. Wait for a few minutes before moving forward with troubleshooting steps.

  • Entered your email address correctly? 

Unlike passwords, email addresses aren’t case sensitive. But extra characters added by mistake can prevent an activation email from reaching your inbox.

  • Check your spam folder? 

Your email settings may automatically block emails from unrecognized senders that place these messages in a spam or junk folder. 

Check your spam folder. Additionally, accept Roku as a recognized sender to ensure that the activation and other Roku emails appear in your inbox.

Q. Will Roku charge any Activation fee?

Remember there is no charge to create a Roku account. Roku does not charge any activation fee or support of any kind. If you’ve encountered any such website, consider and avoid such fraudulent websites.

Q. Can my wired/wireless connectivity hinder the Roku device activation process?

Yes, always remember to check your hardware setup before moving to activate your Roku device. Stable wireless or a reliable wired connection is a mandatory prerequisite for a smooth activation process.

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