1. Adrian Stevens says:

    I have and paid , but it stop working and must keep re-interning the code

  2. marcel musee says:

    Authorized De-Brid on Seren Add-on, but Seren says it is not authorized? Having the same problem on Oath Add-on! Signed in device, and De-Brid showed it accepted. Cannot stream! My account is paid until August 2022!

    1. i am having the same problem, did you get your’s to work?

  3. Robert Ring says:

    Have paid premium access. Word the first day Now not at all , tried everything still not working. Paid for more access still don’t work. Please HELP.

  4. Jan goedbloed says:

    Paid for till september waiting for a temperary pin code butt nothing received in the mailbox . Please send the pin code.

  5. Louise Audette says:

    Trying to update/renew account….will not accept visa payment. ‘Payment refused’. Spoke with bank and they say it’s not on they’re end. Now what?

  6. Andrew simpson says:

    RD hasn’t been working for days ? Is a refund in order ? Do t waste your money until fixed.

  7. Mark Poedtke says:

    I didn’t figure out how to put the code for real Derrida, in time .how do I get another code to activate

  8. keep trying to re-authorize my RD and keeps going to error…will not give me code to activate

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