How to Activate PBS Kids App on Roku and Other Devices?

Activate PBS Kids App Just before the coronavirus pandemic, parents, teachers, and even the government were seen encouraging kids to indulge in old-school ways to stay busy without screen time. Undoubtedly, this was the need of the hour. In 2020, things started to take a turn and the entire world had to face the wrath of COVID-19, which ultimately put everyone under lockdown. Borders have been sealed, schools, colleges, and many educational institutions have been closed and shifted to online, and many organizations, too, moved to online. While elders still managed to entertain themselves, kids had no other choice left than resorting to TV, video games, and mobile phones. If your kid is troubling you, asking you to play, or need attention, you can get their attention diverted by installing and activating the PBS Kids app on your media streaming devices. In this guide, you will learn how to activate the PBS Kids app on Roku ( and other media streaming platforms.

Activate PBS Kids Channel –

When it comes to giving kids the ultimate edu-entertainment dose, consider streaming your kids’ favorite PBS Kids shows on your Roku TV. Download the PBS Kids app to add the channel to your Roku and then activate to access thousands of episodes from 3 dozen PBS children’s shows such as Odd Squad, Sesame Street, Curious George, and Arthur. These shows can be accessed and watched anytime, anywhere with the PBS Kids video channel.

Visit Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, take a trip to Sesame Street, or enjoy a creature adventure trip with the Wild Kratts, your kids will have an opportunity to explore new worlds not only with the shows but also with their favorite characters. The fun and educational videos and episodes are added weekly. All you need to do is to complete the activation process –

How to Download and Activate PBS Kids on Roku?

Before you begin with the activation process, you must download the PBS Kids app and get it on your Roku device. To download, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Step 1 (Search): The first step involves searching for the app. Use your remote to search for the PBS Kids channel.
  • Step 2 (Install): After you have found the app “PBS Kids” on Roku, you need to install it. Simply click on the app and it will start installing. Add the channel. Once the download completes, you will need to select the ‘OK’ button. Next, you will see several options such as Go to channel, Remove channel, View screenshots, My rating, and Give us feedback. Click “Go to Channel”.
  • Step 3 (Open): After choosing the ‘Go to channel’ option, the channel will open. It will prompt you to activate the app.
  • Step 4 (Activate): You are all set to activate the app on your Roku streaming device. On the ‘Activate PBS Kids Video’ screen, you are prompted to visit on your mobile device or computer. So, go to using the Internet on your computer and enter the activation code provided on your Roku TV when prompted. Now, click “Continue”.
  • Step 5 (Sign in): To sign, you will have to do it through PBS, Facebook, or Google. If you don’t have a PBS account, you should create one and complete the sign-in procedure.
  • Step 6 (Enjoy the Shows): After you are signed in, you need to open the channel on your Roku TV (Roku will update automatically and provide access to all content) and play the favorite shows of your kids.

That’s it! Your kids will have unlimited content as the app features more than 1,000 videos from over a dozen top PBS Kids TV series including SUPER WHY!, The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That, Dinosaur Train, and more. You can also go to to access and watch videos and play your favorite PBS Kids games.

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How to Activate PBS Kids on Fire TV at

If you own a Fire TV and wish to get PBS Kids on it, check the following steps out.

  • Search: On your Fire TV home screen, you need to search for the PBS Kids app by selecting the magnifying glass icon (in the top-left corner).
  • Select and Install: After finding the app, select the same, and click “GET FREE to DOWNLOAD”. The video app will be downloaded and now, click “Open”.
  • Open and Activate: The PBS Kids app will open. It will prompt you to activate it “Activate PBS KIDS Video”. To do so, you need to access your computer or mobile phone, go to the browser, and type in Enter the Activation Code when prompted. Now click on “Continue” and choose “Facebook, Google, or your PBS” to sign in.

Once the sign-in process is done, you will be able to access videos and series on your Fire TV. Similarly, you can activate the app on any media streaming platform and watch content with your kids.

Activate on Apple TV –

Apple TV is another popular streaming platform that millions of parents trust. If you, too, want to download the PBS Kids app on Apple TV and activate it using, you may like to check the following steps out.

  • Switch on your Apple TV device. Make sure it is connected to a stable Internet connection.
  • Navigate to “App Store” (you can spot the icon on your Apple TV device) and type the name of the app that you are looking for, i.e. PBS Kids Video.
  • Click the “Install” button. Once installed, it will turn up along with other apps.
  • Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to receive an Activation Code on the screen.
  • Along with the code, you will also find the authorized activation link –
  • Note down the code and open another device – preferably a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. Also, ensure that your second device is using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Navigate to the activation and enter the “Activation Code”.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Now, you will be prompted to select or choose one account – from the screen. You will be shown multiple accounts to choose from.
  • Now that you are signed in, the app will be activated immediately. You can now watch your favorite kids shows on your Apple TV.

Did you see the success message? Only after seeing the message, you can be sure that your Apple TV is ready to stream the best of PBS Kids.

If you have other smart devices, the activation steps will more or less be the same. Simply, follow the similar steps to activate the app on your device. You are ready to stream!

What Is PBS Kids and Why Should You Activate It on the Streaming Device?

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), launched the PBS Kids brand on 6th September 1999, in several areas. PBS Kids is very much committed to making an impact (positive) on the lives of kids through curriculum-based entertainment with great content and role models to nurture the total well-being of children. Having this app on your favorite medial streaming platform, i.e. Roku device, you will observe a 360-degree approach towards children’s learning.

Not only does the app inculcate knowledge, critical thinking, curiosity, and imagination in the kids, but also it encourages the children to interact respectfully. Besides, kids can have their favorite TV series and shows such as Bob the Builder, Curious George, Odd Squad, Super Why, etc.

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