How to Activate Noggin on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android

Are you looking for a kid-friendly app for your children? Look no further because Noggin is the best-rated kid’s TV app on iTunes. Featuring Nick Jr.’s Emmy-Award-winning programming, this app will give the infant, toddler, or preschooler hours of fun-filled learning as they sing along to music videos and discover educational shows. Do you want to take your kids on a fun adventure? The Nickelodeon Noggin app is free and it allows you to stream quality content for diverse ages such as babies, preschoolers, and school-aged children. It’s great for learning as well as entertaining.

Meanwhile, you can now activate the channel on your streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Firestick device. Below given are the compiled steps on how to activate Noggin via URL. 

Shows to Watch on Noggin Entertainment Channel

Nickelodeon Noggin features 300 episodes of favorite kids’ shows like Dora The Explorer, Go Diego Go, Blue’s Clues, and Team Umizoomi. Your children will also enjoy these newly-released episodes like Bubble Guppies, PAW Patrol, and top-rated The Fairly OddParents. All your kids want is here at Nickelodeon Noggin.

Step-by-Step Guide to Access and Activate Noggin on All Devices

Noggin is a subscription-based service for classrooms and homes. It offers educational programming, as well as original series for children (ages 2-10). Teachers can assign lessons or just let kids watch them build their confidence and skills. The app library contains hundreds of videos and games to choose from. To get started with Noggin on your streaming device make sure to first have a channel subscription, which costs you around $7.99/ month.

How to Activate Noggin on Apple TV

You will be glad to know that Apple TV now supports running the Noggin app. All you need to do is simply install the app from the Apple TV App Store and then make it activate on your device using the activation link. However, to activate the app on your streaming device, follow these below-given steps: 

  • To begin with, accessing the home screen of your Apple TV device.
  • From the home screen, explore to go to the App Store simply by utilizing the remote.
  • On the screen, tap on the magnifying glass icon to find the channel app.
  • Type or enter the name of the channel app, i.e., Noggin.
  • The app will now show up on the screen of your device.
  • In the next step, tap on the Get button available on the screen.
  • This will lead you to download the Noggin app on Apple TV.
  • After downloading the app, make it install as soon as possible on your device.
  • Now, hover back to the Apple TV home screen to find the app.
  • Hence, make sure to launch it and receive an Activation Code.
  • Along with the code, you will avail to get the activation link on the device display. 
  • From your pc or mobile, visit the link.
  • This will lead you to prompt further.
  • Enter the received Activation Code shown to your TV screen.
  • Further, you can click on the CONTINUE button.
  • Next, put the credentials as prompted on the given space.
  • Click Activate to complete the installation and activation process.

With this, you can end the Noggin channel activation process. At last, your Apple TV will start refreshing automatically and with this, you will be allowed to stream the best of shows from the comfort of your living room.

Instructions to Activate Noggin on Roku 

Here’s the quickest and the easiest way to activate the Noggin channel app on your Roku streaming device.

  • To start with activation, make your Roku On explore its home screen.
  • From the home screen, tap to open the Streaming Channels option.
  • With this, you will now need to choose the Search Channels.
  • Now, use the search bar to enter Noggin.
  • With this, you will view the channel app on the Roku screen.
  • In the next step, click the Add channel button.
  • This will make you eligible to download and install the app on your Roku device.
  • Again, this leads to going back on the Roku home screen.
  • Open the recently installed app.
  • A device verification code will now appear on the TV screen.
  • Along with the code, you will also receive the main activation link –
  • Hence, make sure to simply visit this link to enter the code.
  • Now, to prompt further, tap the Continue button and proceed further.
  • Afterward, input your email and password in the prompted fields and complete activation easily. 

Your Roku TV screen will automatically refresh within a moment. And with this, you are all set to watch the best kids’ shows.

How to Watch Noggin on Amazon Fire TV or Stick?

Apart from Roku and Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV is the third most popular streaming platform used by users all across the globe. Plus, with the great watching experience, users now can watch the Noggin channel produced by Nick Jr. on their home installed televisions set. 

Steps to follow:

  • Startup the main activation process by turning on your Amazon device.
  • You can use the device remote to further go to the Amazon App Store.
  • Now, you will be asked to use the magnifying glass icon and type Noggin using the virtual keyboard.
  • On the main screen, tap the Get button to download and install the app.
  • Right after installing the Noggin app, you will be needed to launch it.
  • On the given page, put your login credentials to receive the channel code.
  • Note or copy the code and proceed further for completing the activation norms.
  • Head straight to the main activation page –
  • Putting the main activation code would be the next thing to do.
  • Click the Continue button and put your account details in the login tab.
  • With this, you can stream and run the best of kids’ shows easily. 

How to Activate Noggin App on Android TV

  • You will simply begin the activation process by turning on your TV.
  • From the Android TV home screen, navigate to the Google Play Store and look for the application section.
  • From the main section, install the Noggin app.
  • In case, you aren’t able to find the app, simply tap on the Search bar and enter Noggin.
  • With this, tap to launch the Install button. 
  • Now that the channel application is now installed and added, go to the app home screen by launching it on your TV set.
  • In the next step, you will be asked to prompt further to visit to put the code.
  • Henceforth, enter the main code in the space.
  • Click Continue and then follow the on-screen steps and instructions to start streaming.

Noggin app not working- How to fix it?

Are you facing some major troubles while accessing the Noggin app, resulting in you having a “Noggin app not working” problem? The matter can be serious if you are still facing the problem, as it will block you from successfully completing the activation process. Hence, if you are facing the same, then these major fixes can immediately help you out.

  • Re-installing the channel app always fixes this type of issue, hence make sure to do that.
  • You can also verify your internet connectivity and make sure it’s always top-notch.
  • Other than this, try installing the app only on the compatible TV set that supports the app. 
FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How to log into the Noggin account?

If you are interested in login into your Noggin account, then the quickest way to access the Noggin sign-in page is to visit the official page – On the page, put your credentials – Email and Password. Then, tap the Submit button and you are done.

Q. How to retrieve the password of your account? 

Simply, go to the main sign-in page, and here you will be asked to tap the Forgot your password link. With this, you will be prompted to the Reset Password page. Here on the page, put your Email Address and click Submit. Follow the on-screen steps.

Q. How to Begin Accessing Your Free Trial?

For this, go to and tap on the Start your free trial button. If you are not already a member and signed up yet, then please do the same and choose a plan to access the free trial.

Q. Why did my TV activation process fail?

Might be the reason being to enter the code late at, resulting in you will face the failed activation process error.

Hope, you find these steps help to make your Noggin account successfully activate on all the major streaming devices and Smart TV. In case of any trouble accessing a query, feel free to reach the professionals.

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