Steps to Activate Your Kohl’s Card Activation via

If you recently applied for Kohl’s Card, you will be provided with one in the mail in a deactivated state. You may wonder why your card is not activated. The straightforward answer to this is to prevent any possibility of identity theft. It is only after the card gets handed over, you have every right to activate it at

Since hundreds of people in the United States sign up for Kohl’s Charge account and apply for a card, we decided to provide you the easiest way to activate the card after you receive it after 7-12 business days. After activating the card, you can go shopping at or at any offline store. Kohl’s boasts more than 1,100 stores throughout the country.

Quick Guide to Activate Kohl’s Charge Card at

Finally, your Kohl’s card has arrived. It is time to activate it and start making online/ offline purchases. Before you jump on to the activation steps below, you need to possess the following things.

  • A computer or mobile phone.
  • A high-speed, stable Internet connection.
  • Kohl’s Card details
  • The Sign-in details

Once you have these, you are good to go with the easy steps mentioned underneath.

  • Open your computer and launch your favorite web browser.
  • Click here or type in the URL bar.
  • On this card activation page, you will be prompted to stick to the on-screen prompts to carry out the activation process easily.
  • In the “Username” and “Password” fields, enter the correct Username and Password. Keep in mind that the Username is not your email address.
  • After entering the details, click the “Submit” button.
  • You are on your account. Go to “Account Summary” and click the “Activate Now” button.

This will ensure that your Kohl’s Charge card is activated. You can start making purchases at your favorite store.

Don’t Have Sign-in Details? Register Now for Kohl’s Charge Account

You have arrived on the activation page only to wonder what to do next since you haven’t signed up for Kohl’s account.

Does that mean you won’t be able to use your new card at your favorite departmental store? We didn’t say! Rather, we got a quick method to sign up for an account after receiving your credit card. Keep the 12-digit credit card number handy before heading over to

  • On this card activation page, look for the “Register Now” button.
  • You need to enter Kohl’s Credit Card Number and Security Phrase (from image shown on the screen) in the respective fields.
  • Click the “Submit” button.

There you go! You have successfully registered for an account with Kohl’s. Now that you have created an account, it will be easier for you to activate your credit card using the above-mentioned steps. Once activated, you can access your account to –

  • Pay bills online.
  • Sign up for paperless statements.
  • Request a credit line increase.
  • Get hold of account & transaction information (even from mobile device).

What Do I Do If Forgot Kohl’s Charge Account Username or Password?

It is easy to retrieve your forgotten username or password. Kindly take a look at the proven methods to reset your Kohl’s account username and password.

How to Recover Kohl’s Account Username –

  • Go to and click the “Forgot User Name” link.
  • It will redirect you to another page – Obtain User Name.
  • You will be prompted to use your 12-digit Kohl’s credit card number and Security Phrase (shown on the screen).
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • You can now follow the on-screen prompts to recover your User Name.

How to Recover Kohl’s Account Username –

  • Open your computer and launch your favorite web browser.
  • Head over to and look for the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Click on the link now and get redirected to another page – Forgot Your Password.
  • In the fields given, you will have to enter your “User Name” (Case Sensitive) and SSN (4 digits only).
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • You can now follow the on-screen prompts to recover your Password.

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How to Activate Kohl’s Card via Phone Number?

Didn’t find the online method helpful? Why not try the other option? – You can activate your new Kohl’s card via phone number. Simply, dial the number 800-954-0244 and follow the on-screen prompts to activate your card. – Customer Support

If you follow the above methods meticulously, you will be able to start using the card immediately. In case, you couldn’t carry out the task properly and need a professional hand, let us tell you the ways to contact Kohl’s Customer Support.

  • Phone Service Number: Monday through Saturday, you can place a call between 7 am and 9 pm CT. If you are dialing the following numbers on Sunday, you can do that between 10 am and 8 pm.
  • (855) 564-5705
  • (855) 564-5748
  • Ask Us: Use the “Ask Us” button if you want to chat.
  • Select the right button and get in touch with the right person.

Check out all the methods mentioned above and start using your card at your preferred locations.

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