How to Activate Kanopy TV on Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV?

If you are a die-hard fan of playing on-demand streaming services on your smart device, then surely Kanopy is for you. Kanopy is the streaming video platform that expands your horizons with award-winning foreign films, critically-acclaimed documentaries, great Hollywood movies, and timeless television shows. If you too love to explore the wide range of Kanopy TV series on your Roku or Android TV, then this guide is specially designed for you. Go through this blog and learn how to activate Kanopy TV on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, using the www.kanopy.com/tv page. 

More about Kanopy TV –

Kanopy provides a vast catalog of over 30,000 films from around the world, available for unlimited streaming. Watch instantly or download to your favorite device and watch offline. Also includes a wide range of exclusive content from art-house favorites to Hollywood blockbusters. With a library in the palm of your hand, Kanopy is perfect for movie lovers on the go.

Those, who want to stream uninterrupted movies and documentaries of Kanopy, can simply sign up for the Kanopy TV library card and watch documentaries and other videos for free. 

Things You Needed Before Activation 

Browse for Kanopy TV and access the trending shows and TV series with one click. Meanwhile, before moving ahead with the activation steps, you might need to fulfill the eligibility criteria to turn on the services on your streaming device. 

The list includes:

  • A reliable internet connection is a must.
  • Must have a streaming device or Smart TV to implement the activation steps.
  • Need to generate the channel activation code and enter at www.kanopy.com/tv.

Done with the pre-requisites? Let’s move on to the main activation steps.

Activate Kanopy on Roku TV

The complete activation process, requires, download and installing the Kanopy app on Roku. Once you install the app, you are good to go to execute the activation steps mentioned below. 

  • Power on your Roku and make sure it is connected to your Television set via an HDMI port. Further make sure to connect both your Roku media player and TV with the same internet connection, accessible in your area. 
  • After turning Your Roku on, you can use the Roku remote to explore the home screen menu of the device.
  • Go to Streaming Channels and then select the option, which claims Search Channels.
  • Now, access the Search button to find Kanopy from the search box.
  • Install the appearing app by clicking on the Add channel.
  • With this, the channel will be added successfully to your device.
  • Head back to the home screen and go to the Go to Channel option.
  • A system-generated code will now appear on the screen. 
  • Along with the activation code, you will see the instructions to activate Kanopy on Roku.
  • Copy the code and open kanopy.com/tv on another device.
  • Put the activation code and click Next.
  • Follow-up the on-screen instructions. 

That’s how you easily make the Kanopy app activate on your Roku.

How to Get Kanopy on Android TV? 

The proven steps are mentioned down below that will help you to download and activate Kanopy TV on Android TV.

  • To begin with, turn on your Android TV to access the home screen.
  • Now, go to the Google Play Store, type Kanopy in the address bar of the search box.
  • Click Install.
  • The app will now be successfully installed on your Television set.
  • Return to the Android TV home screen and look for the Kanopy TV app.
  • Tap to launch the app and you will get an activation code on the screen. 
  • In the next step, navigate to kanopy.com/tv on your web address and enter the code.
  • Click Next and prompt-up the on-screen instructions.

Experience the world through cinematic storytelling with Kanopy. Search the video collection based on your favorite actors, directors, genres, or topics.

Guide to Activate Kanopy on Apple TV via kanopy.com/tv

With Apple TV, there are no limits on the number of movies you can watch or when you can watch them on Kanopy. You can also see titles from many different genres and eras, including favorites from Oscar-winning directors, comprehensive collections of film noir, hard-to-find documentaries about sports and performances, and lots of award-winning foreign films.

Refer to the following guide to learn how to activate Kanopy on Apple TV:

  • Go to the Apple TV home screen to open App Store.
  • Users can use the Search box and put the name of the app in the given field, i.e. Kanopy.
  • The featuring app will appear on the screen.
  • Click Get and the Kanopy TV will be added to your Apple TV.
  • Launch the app, right after installing it.
  • You will now get a 4-digit code that needs to be saved and prompted further to complete the activation. 
  • Go to the official activation link – https://www.kanopy.com/tv from the internet browser.
  • Put the code in the right box.
  • Click Next if the process gets successful.

Instructions to Activate Kanopy TV on Amazon Fire TV/ FireStick

  • Setup your Amazon Fire TV by turning it on to reach the device’s home screen. To access the home screen of your Fire TV, press the home icon on your Amazon Fire TV remote.
  • Next, select the Find button and then go to the search option.
  • Enter Kanopy in the search box using the virtual keypad and get the search result.
  • Select Kanopy and then click on the Install option from the preview screen.
  • Click Open to open the downloaded app and you will receive the channel activation code on the screen.
  • Now, navigate to the activation page using the URL- kanopy.com/tv
  • Enter the code and click Activate. 

For what else, you are waiting? Simply, go ahead and watch the channel effortlessly with the comfort of sitting at home.

Kanopy TV Activation Code Help

There are a major number of situations when the users are a complaint that their Kanopy TV activation code won’t work well. In these scenarios, they can use the following steps to make the error fix immediately.

  • To start with, simply make your device Turn off to fix the error. 
  • We ensure that your device that supports Kanopy TV is connected to a strong WIFI internet connection.
  • Install the Kanopy TV app on your device by using the above-given steps and formalities. 
  • Access the channel store on your device to open the downloaded Kanopy app.
  • If you facing trouble opening the app, simply uninstall the downloaded app and then re-install it further.
  • Other than this, make sure to put the right activation code always.
  • As invalid activation code won’t be allowed to enter, resulting you won’t be able to activate the channel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

What is Kanopy TV?

Kanopy is the only streaming service dedicated to providing access to the world’s best film and arts documentaries. Over 30,000 libraries in North America stream Kanopy’s exclusive collection of over 30,000 films with new titles added each week.

How to Activate Kanopy TV on Roku?

  • Download the Kanopy TV app from the channel store of your Roku device.
  • You can access the app from the Movies & TV section.
  • Install app to get the activation code.
  • Start a browser, and go to www.kanopy.com/tv.
  • Enter the code and you are done activating the channel.

Q. What are the benefits of activating the Kanopy account?

With a free Kanopy account, you can watch award-winning documentaries, critically-acclaimed foreign films, Hollywood hits, and forgotten gems from the VHS archives on your computer, phone, or TV.

Q. What are the country’s supports to play Kanopy TV?

 Access over 30,000 titles with your library card at no cost! Kanopy is available to libraries across the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


This is all that you need to know about how to activate Kanopy TV at www.kanopy.com/tv. Hope you found this post helpful and easy to understand the activation process of the streaming service with ease.

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