Fix insufficient Bandwidth Error on Amazon Prime

‘’A day when everything went wrong’’ is what you exactly say when you’re all set to relax on your favourite couch and about to watch your favourite Amazon series. Guess what? Amazon Prime video displays an annoying dialogue “your bandwidth is too low”. The absolute ughhhh moment! relatable, isn’t it?

Insufficient Bandwidth on Amazon Prime: What do you need to know?

Have you been trying to watch an Amazon Prime Video lately? Did you encounter the error “insufficient bandwidth on Amazon video?

If yes, then, that’s exactly connected to the issue with your Bandwidth. Bandwidth is nothing but your internet speed measured in megabits per second (Mbps). 

Accordingly, it varies with the internet plan you are using subject to alteration from 512 Kbps (Kilobits per second) up to 100 Mbps or even more. 

Ideally, with 20 Mbps, you can enjoy buffer-free, high-definition online streaming. But, when you have an insufficient bandwidth connection, it is needless to say, that your internet connection is slow. 

However, the average bandwidth speed for Amazon Prime Video is around 24 Mbps. 

So, either an “Insufficient Bandwidth,” signals that your bandwidth is not sufficient for online streaming. Or, there is some configuration glitch at your end causing the trouble.

Amazon Prime Insufficient Bandwidth error: Troubleshooting guide

Facing an insufficient bandwidth error on your Amazon Prime lately? Simply follow the steps below to diagnose and fix the glitch at ease: 

Cleared your Amazon Video Cache?

Like your face demands a routine cleansing to get rid of the dirt and impurities, every application generates a bit of cache that demands clean up from time to time. This potentially improves the performance of the application. 

To clear cache your Amazon Prime Video application:

  • Open Settings. Head over to Apps and Notifications
  • You can see the “See all apps” option. Tap to open the installed application list.
  • Now click on the application you are using to clear the cache
  • Click on clear cache

The clear cache will potentially fix the insufficient bandwidth error and improve clearing some memory.

Restart and Re-configure your modem/router

Often, internet connectivity glitches are directly related to your router/modem configuration.

 Hence, restarting your modem/router is one of the uncomplicated ways to resolve connectivity errors. 

Either an impairment in the router configuration or some hardware malfunction on the router can fail to deliver the original bandwidth. 

Restart resets the network settings by default. It also resolves possible software issues if any, and helps to reconfigure and restore the original bandwidth.

Initiate a device restart

Devices bear a dedicated set of network settings which demands maximum performance regarding network traffic. 

Restarting your device will clean the hardware, maximize the internet speed and fix bandwidth glitches.

When using a Smart TV, Amazon Firestick, mobile devices or your PC to stream digital content, a space can occur causing a drop in internet speed.

Quality streaming for Amazon Video

While dealing with your bandwidth issue, the quality of the stream is a crucial factor. It includes the resolution, bitrate and refresh rate (Fps) of the stream. Generally, the bitrate of the stream cannot be controlled. 

However, in the case of Amazon Prime Video, you can only control video resolution and refresh rate. The size of the stream increases considering the resolution. 

If you have or planning to purchase a TV that stream Amazon videos, you need bandwidth, which can support that.

First, consider how much bandwidth is required for Amazon Prime? At the minimum, a speed of 3 Mbps is required to stream a standard-quality video while at the maximum. For a 4K TV, you need a minimum speed of 15 Mbps to stream videos at that quality.

There is no need for you to buy a new TV. All you can do is to only check and change the stream qualities. 

If there’s no error at lower resolution streams, you must continue streaming with the same, else invest a little bit more in your internet connection.

Amazon videos are available in varying resolutions. You have Standard Definition, High Definition, Ultra High Definition, and High Dynamic Definition. Find the perfect bandwidth match for your TV and enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Disconnect the network and reconnect it

Check if you have a strong and stable internet connection. Weak signal strength is a definite cause of insufficient bandwidth issues.  

How can you fix this? You can disconnect your device from the network and reconnect it again. Sounds trivial? But works the most. 

Is your Amazon server down?

Yes, for your information, Amazon’s server down status can be significant to the insufficient bandwidth issue. 

With a regional server down issue, you will unable to avail of any Amazon-related services, including Amazon Prime Video. 

What can you do? confirm the same through an online chat, a call, or a direct email. 

However, fortunately, Amazon has pretty good server maintenance. So, be rest assured that it will be operating within a couple of hours. 

You can also check Amazon’s server status at:

Swap your streaming devices

If your wireless network has a weak signal, there’s a possibility of other devices causing interference. Home wireless networks are limited to transmitting their signals in a range of about 2.4 GHz. 

Check if other devices like your phone is using the same frequency, it can affect your wireless signal and you can encounter bandwidth problems as a result.

Try to temporarily disconnect other devices from your wireless network or try different streaming devices to fix the bandwidth issue.

Turn off your VPN

If you use a VPN network to stream Amazon videos, often you will notice a potential drop in the internet speed or bandwidth. 

VPNs can alter the location of your IP server, encrypt your traffic, and change your traffic direction, affecting your internet speed. 

However, A VPN can slow internet speed because of several factors:

  • Server location 
  • Type of Encryption 
  • Optimal routing algorithms 
  • Unstable connection speed
  • Firewall interference

If you have a VPN running in the background, disable it and check the performance of your Amazon Prime Video.

Check if you have a Throttling ISP

Much of your bandwidth and the internet you’re using depends on your internet service provider. Often ISPs configure a throttling of bandwidth over specific websites.

 In other cases, your ISP can insert filters or controls intentionally to lower your network’s performance. 

If you face a similar issue, contact your ISP immediately.

Amazon Prime Support at your service

Finally, you can opt to troubleshoot your insufficient Bandwidth error with the help of Amazon prime support and explain your concern to enjoy hassle-free streaming.

Your Concern is our Concern

The rise of the pandemic has witnessed the growth of massive competitors as far as the rise of over-the-top streaming services is concerned. 

However, the digital industry is growing almost in all directions. Having witnessed the rise of Netflix, Hulu and some other market giants, Amazon Prime too launched its exclusive platform- Amazon Prime Video in 2016. 

Ever since its inception, Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular streaming services in the market today.

We hope that this troubleshooting guide with every possible solution discussed will help resolve your insufficient Bandwidth Error on Amazon Prime Video.

 Performing the steps above, you can quickly fix your bandwidth glitch at ease.

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