How to Activate iFIT TV App on Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV

Who doesn’t want to be fit these days? Every other person you encounter in your daily life has become a fitness freak! Isn’t it?

While technological advances have touched every dimension of our lives, fitness has been no exception. 

Today several fitness mobile apps are developing from time to time, which not only help in improving our fitness level but also keep track of our health status.

If you’re a fitness freak and want to grab some great fitness hacks, activate today.

Currently available on a few streaming devices, check out the guide below to stream the iFIT TV app on Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV.

How does iFIT work?

The iFIT fitness brand offers well-equipped fitness machines from Nordic Track, ProForm, and FreeMotion. Get your machine and start your interactive workout session on Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals, Rowers, App etc. Certified trainers from iFIT will adjust the incline, speed and resistance while guiding your workout on these machines

IFIT: A Health Expert at Your Fingertips

Fitness is a new religion that people in the 21st century follow. The urge to be good in shape has not just become a noble quest in modern life but fitness both physically and mentally can protect you from various health complications.

iFIT makes your fitness routine super smooth. iFIT workouts can be accessed from your iFIT-enabled equipment, as well as from your smartphone or tablet using the iFIT app!

What’s in store for you? With the iFIT TV app you can access the iFIT Library that offers yoga, strength training, meditation, pilates, and boxing workouts right on your big screen. 

You can also look out for classes by certified fitness trainers, workout styles, or a specific muscle group. 

These workouts and workout series are available on iFIT-enabled machines and iFIT TV apps, so you always have access anytime and anywhere.

The best part of using this app is you can follow all of your favorite workout sessions right from the comfort of your home.

Currently available on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, and Roku, let’s get started on how you should use the iFIT app.

Steps to Download the iFit TV App on your devices

Ideal for floor workouts, you can schedule a workout with iFIT from any device using its TV app. A countdown clock and estimated calorie expenditure during your workout will show your progress. 

The cherry on the top is once you’ve completed a workout, you can even save it to your Favorites and access it later. 

But to access the best of iFIT, first, download the app using the steps below:

  • First, type search “iFIT“, once located, download the TV app from your device’s app store.
  • Now you must download and install the app onto your streaming device. 
  • Choose to ‘’sign in’’ from a web browser on a device of your choice (mobile device or computer, or directly on your TV). 
  • If you’re signing in from a web browser, you have to verify your TV using a one-time code. Once verified, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your iFIT account using your sign-in credentials.
  • Upon successful account setup, you’ll see a “Congrats!” message on your browser. Your TV will be automatically updated, navigating you directly to the iFIT app’s Home screen. You’re good to start your fitness journey!

Activate iFIT TV App via on compatible streaming devices

Are you thrilled to start your fitness journey with iFIT on-demand, live and global workout sessions right from the comfort of your home?

Activate the app via if you have any of these compatible streaming devices.

On Roku

Workout schedules clashing with work schedules? What if iFIT can sort it with workout sessions that you choose according to your schedules. Unbelievable, isn’t it? 

All you need is a compatible device like Roku a few easy steps to get started with iFIT activation:

  • Switch on the Roku streaming device and press the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Accessing the Roku Home screen, navigate to Roku Channel Store
  •  Type to search the iFIT TV app in the search bar
  • Once located, tap on Add Channel to install the iFIT TV app
  • Now open the app on your Roku streaming device. Sign in either using Apple, Google, Planet Fitness, Facebook (Sign up with Facebook, Sign up with Google etc) or you can enter your email address and create a password to get a unique activation URL and code
  • Don’t forget to save or copy the code. You may also leave your screen visible and visit from a device of your choice
  • Log in with your email address and password and tap to log in.
  • Enter the activation code where required and tap on Activate.

Your iFIT application is ready and you’re good to start your fitness sessions anytime anywhere.

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On Apple TV

Busy schedules? No time for Workout? iFIT is here to solve your problem.  iFIT is also available if you’re an iOS user. You can start your workouts today. All you have to do is just follow a few quick steps to activate the app

  • Turn on your Apple TV and visit the App Store from the Home screen 
  • Type to search the ‘’iFIT’’ application. Once located tap on the Get button.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed launch it to get the activation URL and Code
  • Copying or saving the code somewhere visit You may also leave your screen visible before visiting the activation page from a new tab.
  • Now sign into your iFIT account either using Apple, Google, Planet Fitness, Facebook or using your credentials (Sign up with Facebook, Sign up with Google etc) or you can enter your email address and create a password to generate an activation code and URL
  • Now enter the code you had saved in the required field and tap to Activate the application.
  • Next, navigate back to your Apple TV device. You should see the iFIT app automatically loading

Your iFIT app is all set to start your remote fitness journey. Choose your iFIT workout video and get moving.

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On Fire TV

When it comes to which devices are currently compatible to stream iFIT fitness TV app, Fire TV stands third on the list. If you’re a Fire TV user and a fitness freak, what are you waiting for? 

Activate the app right on your Fire TV device using the steps below:

  • Turn on your Amazon Fire TV and launch the Amazon App store
  • Here, type to search the iFIT application
  • Download and install the application with a tap on the Get button
  • Open the application to generate an activation code and URL
  • Copy or the save the activation code and visit 
  • Sign in to your iFIT account either using Apple, Google, Planet Fitness, Facebook credentials (Sign up with Facebook, Sign up with Google etc) or you can enter your email address and create a password to generate an activation code and URL
  • Enter the copied code in the required field and tap to Activate your iFIT account

Your iFIT account is successfully activated. Start your fitness sessions today.


Fitness en route with iFitness

If you feel that the sedentary lifestyle that you’re leading in today’s world has imposed a lot of serious health complications in your life, then you’re on the correct destination.

As they say, a healthy life is the key to success, keeping your physical health is as important as your mental health. 

While the pandemic has had its stay-at-home protocols in place, hitting the gym has stagnated. But technological innovations have made this way easier than before. 

With mobile fitness apps today, you’re able to not just not just maintain track of your fitness levels anytime anywhere but lead a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness apps like iFIT provide dietary charts and workout plans along with live and on-demand fitness sessions including yoga, meditation, strength training, and more. 

You can enjoy your workout sessions without any fixed schedule right from your TV sets. 

So, what are you waiting for? install the iFIT application today and transform your home into your personalized gym.

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Have a few more queries in mind? Solve them with our compiled frequently asked questions guide.

Q. Is the iFIT TV a free application?

iFIT subscribers won’t be charged any fee for the first year if you buy a new ProForm treadmill or NordicTrack.

However, after this, there are three subscription plans. There is a monthly plan worth $39 per month, a yearly family plan worth $396 per year and an individual plan worth $180 per year.

Q. Do I get any free trials before subscribing to iFIT?

To get an iFIT free trial visit and tap on the free trial option on the top-right screen. Note free trials on iFIT are only accessible if you have an iFIT account created. 

Q. What services do I get on subscribing to iFIT?

Besides guiding your overall health and fitness regimes, iFIT offers:

  • Fitness data tracking and logging of your health, nutrition and more
  • Access thousands of on-demand global workout sessions, programs, workshops and destinations
  • Constant supervision of health and fitness by iFIT trainers and coaches
  • Live leaderboard featured on bikes and treadmills
  • Regular schedules of workouts on treadmills and bikes alongwith tablet versions of the iFIT app.
Q. Which other devices are compatible to run the iFIT app?

Besides Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV, iFIT can currently be streamed on Google TV and Android TV.

Q. Is it possible to cast iFIT on my Big screen?

Yes, all android and iOS users can cast iFIT on their big screen using the cast option available on the app.

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