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As a digital offshoot of Midwest Tape, Hoopla in cooperation with local libraries is home to free e-books, best-selling novels, more than 400,000 blockbuster movies, audiobooks, TV shows, music and comics, Hoopla Digital flaunting over 100,000 titles all under one podium-digital library app. 

With Hoopla, you can borrow a set number of e-books, audiobooks, music albums, movies or TV show episodes per month without paying a single penny. And guess what the best part is? It’s a no-ads service.

Thinking about how to activate Hoopla? Whether you’re a Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast or an Apple TV user, you can listen, read and watch your favourite Hoopla content with any of the above compatible streaming devices at Let’s get started:

To enjoy and access Hoopla’s largest digital library, you’ll first have to create an account. 

To create a Hoopla account, you simply need your email address and just like your school or college library card, you need a public library card to access Hoopla. Already a user? Then simply log in to surf Hoopla on any of your streaming devices- Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and Apple TV.

To get started with Hoopla digital all you need to do is download and install the app. On signing in to your account, you’ll get an activation code. Access the code to complete the activation at

Roku users if you have a public library card and want to make the most of stay-home entertainment you can activate and access Hoopla on your Roku device. To do so, quickly follow the steps below: 

  • First things first- Search for the keyword Hoopla from your Roku Channel Store
  • Once you’ve located the Hoopla App, install it by clicking on the Add channel button
Add Hoopla Channel on Roku
  • Now, launch the Hoopla app and simply log into your account if you have one entering your hoopla credentials (when prompted). If you don’t have an account, make one
  • Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be given a 4-digit activation code that appears on your TV screen. Enter the code and you’re good to go
  • If you wish to access Hoopla from a browser, open the web browser of your choice (Chrome, Firefox etc) and visit
  • Now enter the required Hoopla credentials to Log In. Note follow the same procedure to make a new account if you don’t have one already
  •  Now as soon as you receive a 4-digit activation code, enter the code in the given field and click on Activate 
  • Following the above steps, the Hoopla channel on your Roku will be automatically updated and synced with your Hoopla account, and you’re all set to access the hoopla library on your Roku TV

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Activate Hoopla TV App on Amazon Fire TV

Want to access Hoopla’s enormous digital library and enjoy streaming thousands of movies, TV shows, E-books and much more for free? 

We’ve got the activation for all our Amazon Fire Stick users. So, if you have a Fire TV, here’s what you need to do to activate Hoopla:

  • To get started visit the Amazon app store and search for Hoopla in the dictionary
  • Found the application? Now install 
  • Once installed, launch the Hoopla app. You will now see a welcome page. Now move to the next page by clicking on Next 
  • As soon as you are on the next page, you’ll receive a 4-digit code displayed on your screen
  • All you need to do is visit to sync your TV and Hoopla
  • Log in to your Hoopla account with the required Hoopla credentials and enter the 4-digit code in the provided space.
  • You’ll see your existing Hoopla user account is synced with the Hoopla app. You can browse and borrow your favourite content 

Hey folks! Want to access Hoopla’s enormous digital library and enjoy streaming thousands of movies, TV shows, E-books and much more for free? 

Wondering how to access Hoopla if you own Android TV? Here’s how you can activate Hoopla on your Android TV:

  • From your Android TV, open the Google Play Store app and enter the keyword Hoopla in the search box 
  • Now simply click on Install and wait for the app to get downloaded and installed
  • Now once installed, Launch the app and a 4-digit activation code will be displayed on your screen
  • After this, navigate to and log in to your Hoopla account (if already exists) or create a new one 
  • Now, enter the 4-digit code provided to sync the software with your Hoopla account
  • Once it is done, you’re now able to borrow and browse any content and stream Hoopla on TV 
  • Note if the code you entered is incorrect you cannot sync Hoopla. So, provide an accurate code in order to access Hoopla with ease

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Connect Hoopla on Chromecast

Chromecast users are you stuck wondering how to activate and browse your favourite audios, E-books and thousands of blockbuster movies on Hoopla? 

To enjoy unlimited streaming on Hoopla you can easily cast using either your mobile device or a tablet. 

Before continuing the process, you must first activate Hoopla on your smartphone. We’ve got the guide right below:

  • First, connect your mobile device, tablet, or computer to a strong Wi-Fi network 
  • You must ensure that the device is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast or a TV with Chromecast built-in
  • Now open a Chromecast-enabled app on your device and tap on the Cast button
  • Now select your casting device
  • Once connected, you’ll see that the Cast button changes colour
  • Once the casting method is successful, choose any of the Hoopla digital media and stream any of your favourite Hoopla content directly on your television. You can also pause the cast by pressing the Cast button, proceeding to log out
  • To browse Hoopla using a browser, simply go to the browser of your choice. Now, type to search for Hoopla 
  • Now enter your email id and password to log In
  •  Now, for Chrome, click on the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon on the top and click the Cast option on the right corner of your screen
  • Once it is done, your Chromecast device will be displayed. You must now click on Sources from the drop-down and click on the Chromecast to cast the Hoopla menu and choose Cast Tab
  • Once casting is successful, choose any of the Hoopla digital media, it will be cast to your Chromecast. You can also stop the casting process, by clicking the Cast icon

Apple TV users, you can now access your favourite Hoopla digital content on your Apple TV and enjoy listening, reading and watching unlimited audio, E-books, movies sand much more.

 To activate Hoopla on Apple TV, follow these steps below:

  • From the Apple TV store search Hoopla and Download to install the Hoopla app 
  • Once installed, start the application and log in to your account if needed
  •  Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find a 4-digit code displayed on the screen
  • Now from your PC simple go to and enter the 4-digit code
  • If the code is accurate, Hoopla will sync your Apple TV with your existing account

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Hoopla Activation Failed –Can I troubleshoot?

Well, often whether you’re using Roku, Fire TV, Android TV or any of the above said streaming devices, you may face an activation error. 

Thinking if you can troubleshoot the issue? Quickly follow the below steps if you face an activation error:

  • The activation code you entered has expired 

One of the common reasons if you encounter an activation error is an expired code. Remember, activation codes expire within minutes or seconds. 

These codes aren’t advised to be used later. You can access the activation page using a supported device and repeat the process without making any errors.

  • Check if you have the library card

You can only have the hoopla Digital library card if you’re a patron and your participating library is local. 

Unfortunately, without a library card, you cannot access Hoopla. So, while signing up, you have to provide a valid library card from a local participating library or one that offers Hoopla service. Using the card, you can access Hoopla and its unlimited digital content of your choice.

  • Accessibility not granted without a Hoopla account

Well, as users you should know that you cannot access any digital platform without an account. So, before attempting Hoopla activation, check if you’ve created a Hoopla account first. If not, make one right during the process. To sign up for a hoopla visit the official website.

Did you know Hoopla is free?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, Hoopla is a 100% free service. But to access its unlimited digital content, you require a library card and your local library. To gain access to Hoopla, you need to be a part of its database. However, you must also ensure that your local public library has signed up with Hoopla given your library number or ID to access its service.

Have you successfully activated Hoopla?

Hoopla has a partnership with more than 865 library systems across North America. To enjoy and access its free digital service including thousands of movies, audios, E-books and much more you can activate Hoopla on Roku, Fire, Android, Apple TVs and Chromecast following the above steps. 

However, you can also access the service on your Android and iOS devices.

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