How to Activate Freeform Channel on Roku, Android Tv and iOS Device

If you have got a young gang that’s not much into devotion and wants more of “bold original programming and immersive social engagement”, activating Freeform seems to be an ideal choice. The popular American multinational cable channel can be activated using the authorized web link, i.e.

Aimed at teenagers and young adults and also toward women in the age range 14 – 34, the Freeform channel does everything possible to connect to audiences and moves the cultural conversation a little forward. The channel is owned by ABC Family Worldwide, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Television, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. With this channel activated on your Roku, you have just been guaranteed for progress with groundbreaking series (original) such as “Motherland: Fort Salem”, “The Bold Type”, “grown-ish”, “Siren”, “Good Trouble”, and “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”.

How to Activate Freeform on Roku at

“Although I have already added and activated channels on my Roku device, there seems to be an issue while activating Freeform. Also, my friends are coming over this weekend. I want to access tentpole events such as “Kick Off to Christmas”, “31 Nights of Halloween”, and “25 Days of Christmas”. Please help!” Our experts have devised the following steps to help such young guns to have the best fun of their life.

After entering Freeform, you will find yourself on the Home screen. From there, you will need to navigate to “Settings”. Now, select “Sign in to Watch” to avail of yourself the activation instructions. These on-screen instructions will not only verify your account but also provide you with a code. This is a unique activation code that needs to be entered in the required field to complete the activation process. Check the following 5 steps to verify your account and start watching the best shows with your bold and beautiful gang.

  1. Access the official page –
  2. It will immediately prompt you to enter the already received activation code into the right field on your computer or mobile smartphone.
  3. You will be required to select your TV provider.
  4. Next, you will have to log in with your TV provider.
  5. A “Congratulations” screen should appear in some time. This means your Roku device is activated and ready to use. The Freeform channel will fetch you all the amazing shows on the device.

Users seem to have complained of not getting the activation code or the code didn’t work. In that case, you need to “Get New Code”. Enter the code in the right field before it gets expired. Easy?

Activate Freeform iOS Devices

Americans love using Apple devices – be it Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Apple TV. If you, too, own an iOS device and want to activate the Freeform channel, remember that the official link to activate is

  • Unlock your Apple device and navigate to the App Store.
  • In the Search bar, key in “Freeform”.
  • Now, tap on the “Search” button to “Get” Freeform on the screen.
  • Tap the channel to open it.
  • If prompted, sign in to your Freeform account using the login credentials.
  • You will now receive a seven-digit unique activation code.
  • Save the code and browse to enter the received code.
  • After entering the code, choose your participating TV provider (you must have an account).

You are now ready to stream your favorite shows and episodes.

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Easy Techniques to Add and Activate Freeform Channel on Android TV

Wondering the Freeform channel activation steps for your Android TV? Here’s a rundown of easy steps that will help you carry out the process effortlessly.

  • If you haven’t turned on your Android TV, switch it on. Make sure it is connected to the best network in your area.
  • Navigate to the Play Store to search the Freeform channel.
  • You already know how to search and download an app from your Play Store on your Android TV.
  • After downloading and installing the channel, launch it using the TV.
  • If prompted, enter the sign-in details – email address and password, and get the activation code on the TV screen.
  • On another smart device, launch your web browser. In the URL, type in Upon prompted, enter the 7-digit code that you have already saved.
  • Click on the “CONTINUE” button.

Within seconds, you will see a “Congratulations” message on the screen. This means the channel has been activated. Similarly, you can activate the Freeform channel on your Amazon Fire TV streaming device. The process is almost the same (with minor variations).

What are you waiting for? Use these steps to activate and enjoy the bold programs with your young friends.

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