How to Fix Hulu unable to load ads

“Sorry, we’re unable to load a message from our sponsors” Have you been lately encountering this while streaming videos on Hulu? Well, the Hulu ads not loading error can be annoying because it refrains you from enjoying the show you are currently tuned to. But as we’re all aware of the fact that Hulu is an ad-based business model. This means ads comprise an essential part of their service and you cannot stream anything skipping them.

Trouble loading ads on Hulu? Here’s a trick to fix

There may be several reasons why you are receiving this message.

Firstly, an ad blocker can prevent advertisements or commercials from appearing on a particular website page.

Ad blockers have certain advantages. While they help you save data and quickly load web pages, they can eventually make essential content and features disappear from a webpage making it inconvenient to stream videos.

Secondly, a poor internet connection can also cause the issue. Often ads prevent loading if you are using a slow internet connection. 

Thirdly, an add-on or extension on your browser can also prevent ads from loading on Hulu.

But guess if you don’t have an ad blocker yet facing the issue. Annoying, isn’t it? To give a smooth streaming experience we have compiled this comprehensive guide to help you solve the error at ease. Let’s get started:

Relaunch your stream

Often you will find that when streaming a video, it buffers and pauses for about ten seconds. Given this inconsistency, ads on cannot be loaded.

When you click on play, you are sending a request to the servers to process your video. Regardless of your slow internet connection, the servers will process your request. Try to cancel or relaunch the request.

The servers will process the videos and the ads that will be displayed on your screen. If this does not work out for the first time and you still can’t load ads or watch a video, try refreshing or reloading the page.

Reloading will send a fresh request to the servers compelling them to execute the second copy of the webpage in parallel with the first one. Now, you will be able to load ads and continue streaming videos.

Disable the AdBlocker

If you have an AdBlock installed on your browser, you can disable it to fix the ads error issue on Hulu.

Well, an AdBlocker is nothing but an application designed to filter content and block ads on major web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Installing the program will prevent the display of advertisements on any webpage.

While it becomes ridiculous to watch advertisements or commercials You can simply disable the program on your preferred browser, following these quick steps below:

  • Open the extension page of your browser. 
  • Using Firefox? launch Menu and click on Add-ons
  • Using Chrome? Launch Menu, then click on More Tools and select Extensions
  • For Internet Explorer, simply click on Extensions
  • Using Safar? Simply click on Safari go to Preferences and select the Extensions tab
  • Post locating the Extensions on your browser, you need to locate AdBlock or any ad blocking software.
  • Disabling AdBlock depends on which software you are using. Now Uncheck any checkbox or click to disable the software.
  • After this close the browser and confirm to apply the changes. Now go back to play the video again on to see the applied changes.

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Initiate a router restart

  • Slow internet connectivity anyways prevents you from streaming videos as well as freezing ads on Apply the best solution i.e., to restart your router.
  • Restarting the router usually fixes the “Hulu unable to load ads” glitch. Often while streaming content, your router tends to slow down or run short of memory. This results in immediate system stoppage with slow internet.
  • To fix this, unplug the router from power. Now wait for ten seconds, and plug it in again. Though rebooting will not increase your speed internet, it will improve other bugs if any in the system.

Have you disabled other extensions?

Besides your AdBlocker, other extensions in your browser too can cause this nuisance when streaming content on

All you need to do is simply disable those extensions and continue watching the content without any interruption. How will you disable the extensions? Get started with these quick steps:

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and click on Manage add-ons.
  • For a Chrome browser, go to menu and select Extensions.
  • For Firefox, navigate to the Tools menu. Then select Add-ons.
  • Using Apple Safari, move to the Help menu and then click on Installed Plugins.

Following these instructions, you can disable the extensions and you should no longer be seeing the black screen post the ads on

Disable installed anti-virus software

Consistent freezing of commercials also indicates that your antivirus software is blocking them from being displayed. Why? This is essential because antivirus software is designed to protect your computer from potential malware and hacks that come along with different ads too.

Nowadays, hackers are buying up ad space on popular websites and loading them with malicious content. So, simply using ad serving the hackers can harm or steal data from your system.

Your antivirus simply detects such ‘malvertising’ if any on, and blocks it from being displayed. Simply disable your antivirus program to unblock ads. 

Note: This process does not require the uninstallation of the Hulu app. Only disabling the antivirus program each time Hulu is used will fix the issue.

Manage your network settings

Check your internet connection. Often an unstable internet connection can cause such problems. To detect the source of the problem you need to check your network settings.

With poor internet access, ads keep freezing while you stream any content on

Still, facing the issue? Wait a Moment. . .

Should the problem persist even after following the above tips, the ultimatum step is to simply uninstall then reinstall the Hulu app. In case you are using Hulu directly from your browser say Chrome, Keep reading:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser from your pc
  • Navigate to the top-right of the browser and select More from More Tools
  • Now simply select Clear Browsing Data

With this step, your system will clean all the cached data, free up memory and storage and you are all good to log in to Hulu to start afresh. 

Here’s the Bottom Line 

We hope this guide has helped you fix the “Hulu unable to load ads” trouble. If you still face the issue, a technical glitch may be a possibility. We recommend you contact the Hulu Help centre to enjoy streaming on Hulu.

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