How to Activate Epix Now on Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV

Want to download the Epix Now app on your streaming device to watch the best Hollywood flicks? Although this is a great idea, it requires a little effort from your side. The activation process will be carried on out the official activation page, i.e.

Steps to Activate Epix NOW at

Want to get access to hundreds of blockbuster movies and thrilling TV shows on your streaming platform? Make sure you have got an active subscription and a high-speed Internet connection. Let’s check the steps below –

Stage 1 (TV Code):

  • Visit the official activation page – on your PC or smartphone.
  • It will prompt you to enter a 6-digit code. (You must have got it from your TV screen. Also, note that the code must be used within one hour. If you don’t use it within the stipulated time, you will have to get a new one.)
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Stage 2 (EPIX NOW Account):

  • Here, you will need to enter the details.
  • After entering the details, proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3 (Connect TV):

  • Choose your TV provider.
  • Enter the login credentials.
  • Complete the activation procedure.

How to Activate EPIX NOW on Roku

Got a Roku device? Here’s how you can activate the channel and stream the best content.

  • You need to turn on the device and go to the “Streaming Channels” option.
  • Look for “Searching Channels” and go to the Roku Channel Store.
  • When you find the Epix NOW channel, click on the “+Add channel” button.
  • Tap the “OK” button on the remote to add the channel.
  • Once the app is installed, it needs to be launched to generate the activation code on the TV screen.
  • Save the code and go to the official activation page.
  • Enter the code in the desired field and click on the “Submit” button.
  • Log in with your Epix NOW account and click on the “Continue” button.
  • On this page, you need to sign in with your TV provider to complete the process.

Your Roku device should start streaming the content.

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Guide to Activate EPIX NOW on Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV users must refer to the following steps to watch popular TV series on their big TV screens.

  • Start the process by turning on the Amazon Fire TV device.
  • Use the remote to navigate to the Amazon Store.
  • Get the app on the device and launch it to get a unique activation code.
  • This should appear on the TV screen. You need to take note of the code.
  • After saving the code, access the official activation page on a different device.
  • You will be prompted to enter the code in the desired field.
  • After entering the close, click “Submit”.
  • On the next page, log in with your Epix NOW account.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • If prompted, sign in with your TV provider to complete the process.

What are you waiting for? You are ready to watch popular flicks – Skyfall, Domina, War of the Words, Godfather of Harlem, Arrival, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, and more.

Activate EPIX NOW on Apple TV at

  • Turn on the device and navigate to the App Store.
  • You need to find the concerned app and click on the “Get” option to download the Epix NOW on the Apple TV device.
  • After the installation of the app on the device is done, you need to tap it to generate a unique code.
  • Note the code and head to the next step.
  • Get a laptop or smartphone to visit
  • Upon prompted, enter the code in the desired field and click “Submit”.
  • Log in with your Epix NOW account by providing the credentials.
  • Next, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Sign in with your TV provider by entering the username and password to complete the process.

There you go! Make sure you follow the steps meticulously to stream what you love.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

Q: How do I activate EPIX on my TV?
A: The process is very easy. You need to download the EPIX NOW app on your device. Launch it to receive an activation code. Copy the code and enter it on the page. Choose the TV provider to activate EPIX on your TV.

Q: Why is EPIX not working?
A: If EPIX is not working, you need to make sure you are trying to cast to the right TV. What else? The TV, streaming device, and the app should use the same network.

Q: Who carries EPIX Network?
A: The EPIX network is carried by a plethora of services. You need to visit the website to check the list.

Q: Is Epix available on Netflix?
A: No, Epix is not available on Netflix. It is available as a channel on Prime.

Q: Can I stream EPIX on Fire Stick?
A: After a long wait, Amazon Fire Stick users can download the free app and enjoy unlimited hours of content with a TV subscription.

Q: What’s included with EPIX?
A: With an Epix NOW subscription, you get to watch original TV series, hit movies, specials, and more. Apart from that, subscribers can get access to offline content with your Android or iOS device.

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