Enable or disable closed captions on Sling TV

When it comes to watching your favourite movies or shows, you wouldn’t want captions to distract you. Right? Most users claim that captions can be distracting. The words in bold catch more of your attention than the actual movie itself. That is where the concept called closed captioning appears. So, if you are a Sling TV user and facing issues to enable or disable closed captions, this guide will lead you on.

Using a Sling TV? Know more

Sling TV is a cord-free service provider owned and operated by Dish Network.  It offers an enormous array of live cable channels and on-demand content. 

This popular over-the-top Internet TV service launched back in February 2015 offers extensive programming from a myriad selection of channels. 

Most of these networks have broadcast rights for top international and domestic soccer leagues and competitions in the USA such as ESPN, FOX, beIN Sports and much more.

Closed Captioning: What do you need to know?

Closed captions or CC are the text displayed on your visual screen that is usually audio transcriptions of the streaming video content. 

They can often include some non-speech elements or provide you with additional information.

If you are a Sling TV user, you must have noticed that Sling TV offers Closed Captioning of the live and on-demand programs streaming on the channels. 

But often you’ll see captions or subtitles that was never said. This means the software may not interpret each word appropriately given the poor audio quality. 

Don’t be annoyed! All you can do is simply enable and disable the captions with a click.

Is it possible to enable or disable closed captions on Sling TV?

To simply enable closed captions on Sling TV and Apple TV:

  • Turn on Sling TV and click on any show. As soon as it starts playing, launch the player control bar.
  • Now, move to the right until you view a CC symbol.
  • Click it to enable or disable the subtitles.
  • You can launch your Sling TV on your Apple TV.
  •  Launch any show and swipe to launch the control bar. 
  • Now swipe to the right and select On to enable and Off to disable subtitles. 

Is it possible to enable or disable closed captions on Roku TV?

If you wish to disable closed captioning on Roku, follow these quick steps:

  • Launch Sling TV to stream your favourite Sling show
  • Now Press OK on your Roku remote and launch the control bar
  • Swipe right until you find the Closed Caption option. Now click OK to enable the setting.

To ensure a similar setting on standalone Roku, follow the steps below:

  • All you need to do is turn on Roku
  • Now click to move to the home Button
  • Scrolling up or down navigate to the settings tab
  • Select accessibility to enter CC from the caption menu whenever you want the captions to appear while you are streaming or click again to disable.

Is it possible to change the caption language?

Yes, you can also set your preferred language, colour and even the font size on Sling TV. Enable the caption or subtitles changes from the closed caption menu. Wondering how? Learn the steps below:

  • All you need to do is go to Settings after launching Sling TV. 
  • Scroll and move down to Closed Captions. 
  • Now move to Service Channels and initiate your preferred language settings.

How to Manage Sling TV Closed Captions working error?

Often you must have encountered closed captions malfunctioning or completely broken captions while streaming. 

The basic reason can either be an obsolete OS or a general software glitch. On disabling you can often solve them, else try these quick steps:

  • Disable to enable closed captioning again: From the player control bar, you can disable and then enable the subtitles again. Is the problem yet to solve? Proceed to the following.
  • Switch channels: Such issues may often be channel-specific. On switching to a new channel, it should normally show subtitles. You can further contact Sling support if frequently facing the issue.
  • Re-launch the Sling TV app: Relaunching the app can solve the issue in some cases. However, ensure that the app is not running in the background post closure. 
  • Try with an alternate device: Post, re-launching the app, if the captions don’t work, check your streaming device. If this issue is device-specific, then try using another media streaming device. If this works, your device might have a problem.

We hope you’re no longer stuck in the Closed Caption traffic

While closed captions are preferred by many to break language barriers, most others become completely distracted. 

To solve both these issues, we have compiled the above methods to help you sort captioning issue with Sling TV.

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