Activate on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV [Updated]

Bravo TV is known to deliver the best entertainment doses that you require to relax after a hectic day at work. If you got a Bravo TV subscription and have a participating TV provider, you must learn the steps to activate the channel on your favorite streaming device at Once activated, you can watch the best Bravo TV content including Married to Medicine, Top Chef, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Blind Date, and Spy Games without any issue.

Top Features of Bravo TV

Formerly launched as a commercial-free premium channel in 1980, Bravo or Bravo TV is an American basic cable TV network. The channel is owned by the NBCUniversal Television and Streaming division of Comcast’s NBCUniversal through NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. Today, the Bravo network is immensely popular for its amazing shows and great features. Some of its salient features are –

  • Updates new shows and episodes the day after they air on TV.
  • Enjoy quick access to live and on-demand content from the family of NBCUniversal.
  • You can get instant access to the entire catalog.
  • It offers 24/ 7 live streaming.
  • Watch where you left off.
  • Not just watch shows but also you can filter them by network & genre.

Activate and Watch Bravo TV on Different Streaming Device

The Bravo Now app is available to download on various platforms including Amazon TV (Amazon FireTV), Apple TV, Roku, Android devices, and Apple devices, thus ensuring that no one is deprived of the right amount of entertainment doses. Downloading the Bravo app and logging in via your TV provider will make the activation process easier and simpler. However, it is mandatory to create your NBCUniversal account if you wish to unlock all episodes and shows for free.

Activate Bravo TV on Roku at

Roku is one of the best and most sought-after platforms to stream all your favorite Bravo content. The Bravo Now app is available on the Roku Channel Store. It needs to be downloaded and activated using the official link – Check out the steps below to activate Bravo on Roku –

  • After turning on your Roku Streaming device, go to the Channel Store using the Roku remote.
  • Type in ‘Bravo’ in the search bar and select the ‘+Add channel’ button to get the app on your Roku.
  • Launch the app to receive a unique activation code on your TV screen.
  • Visit the authorized web portal, i.e.
  • Enter the activation code that you have already received on your TV screen and click on the “ACTIVATE” button.
  • If activated, you should be able to enjoy watching the Bravo channel.

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How to Activate Bravo NOW App on Apple TV

The Bravo Now app can be downloaded on your Apple TV. Follow the steps afterward to activate the channel and watch what you like –

  • Switch on your Apple TV and navigate to App Store to download the Bravo Now app.
  • After downloading, launch the app to receive an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Go to to complete the activation process.
  • Enter the activation code and click on “ACTIVATE”.

Activate Bravo TV on Amazon Fire TV?

With an Amazon Fire TV device at home, you can sit back and enjoy top shows like “Married to Medicine”, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”, “Shahs of Sunset”, and “Summer House 5 After Show”.

  • Start the activation process by switching on your Amazon Fire TV device.
  • Go to Amazon Store to get the app on the streaming platform.
  • Open the app by tapping on it. You will see an activation code.
  • Take note of the code and navigate to
  • On this page, you will be prompted to enter the activation code.
  • Now, click on “ACTIVATE”.

Within a few moments, you will see a successful message adorning the screen. This means you managed to activate Bravo TV on your favorite streaming device.

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Guide To Activate Bravo TV on Android TV at

Android TV users, too, can make the most of their smart TV by getting an active subscription and activating the Bravo Now app using the official link – Let us walk you through the steps below.

  • Switch on your Android TV and get the Bravo Now app using the remote.
  • Open the app and stay signed in to your TV provider. You will see an activation code.
  • Note down the activation code and open your laptop or computer to access the page.
  • On this page, you will be prompted to enter the activation code.
  • After entering the code, click on “ACTIVATE”.

That’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I activate Bravo on Roku?
A: Download the Bravo TV app from the Roku Channel Store. Launch the app to receive an activation code. Enter the code at and choose your TV provider to activate Bravo on Roku.

Q: How much is Roku per month?
A: Since Roku is not a subscription-based streaming service, you don’t have to pay any monthly rental charge. But, you will need to pay for subscription channels or streaming services.

Q: I’m facing activation failed error. How can I fix it?
A: The best way to fix the activation failed error is to repeat the activation process. This will help you generate the activation code again, which should be entered at without any delay. You may like to update your device.

Q: What is better Roku or Firestick?
A: If you look at the popularity, Roku is far ahead of Firestick. The main reasons are the amazing features. Moreover, Roku has more apps and channels. You will get to watch free content as well.

Q: Do I have to subscribe to Bravo?
A: If you wish to stream Bravo TV content, you will need a subscription and a participating TV provider.

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