Best 10 Websites to Watch Korean Drama

Two things that have gained unparalleled popularity since- the spread of the pandemic and the insatiable love for Korean dramas. 

Self-isolation at home following stringent protocols has opened the floodgates to these diverse television series; their uplifting narratives providing some solace during times of intense tenseness. 

From comedy shows to romance, thrillers, action, and more, there are ample genres to choose from.

Unfortunately, in comparison with western dramas, Korean dramas aren’t very popular and it can be hard to find websites, especially legal ones that stream them. But no worries!

Here are the Top 10 best websites where you can watch Korean dramas online safely. Some of these even include subtitles in English with a consistent downloading speed.

#1. Rakuten Viki

The first one topping the list is Rakuten Viki. Available in most countries and regions this is one of the best streaming websites for Korean or K-drama and of course for a good reason.  

Besides Korean drama, you’ll also have access to Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thailand dramas, among others.

Access a wide variety of content available here, from action shows and movies to Sci-Fi, fantasy, costumes, historical & period movies and dramas, and much more.

Coming to your subscription plans the best part is Viki offers free streaming. But it also features a subscription plan worth $4.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly

Subscribers or members will have first access to HD quality videos, and an ad-free streaming.

Note if you’re a subbing contributor, you can enjoy these premium benefits free for 6 months 

#2. iFlix

When it comes to watching Korean dramas, you cannot miss iFlix. The website does not have an extensive library, but it offers a good collection of entertaining Korean movies and TV shows.

It is available in most countries across the world, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Maldives, Jordan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and others.

The content however varies depending on the location.  

All you have to do is create an account to stream or download content from iFlix. 

You can free content, but access to unlimited and ad-free content is only available when you subscribe to the premium plan worth $2.5 a month.

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#3. Netflix

Worth the hype Netflix is the leading streaming service globally, with one of the most comprehensive content libraries.

As the first choice of millions of people when it comes to online movie streaming, Netflix is available in several countries across the globe. You have ample options of movies and TV shows on the site, from comedies to romance, thrillers, Sci-FIs, and other genres.

In their efforts to gain more viewers, Korean dramas are an exclusive addition to Netflix movie libraries. There are not many, but you can find some really interesting and intriguing content. 

If you’re a Zombie fan you cannot miss out All of Us are Dead. Memories of the Alhambra, Hell Bound, My Name among others is some of the leading K-dramas with English subs streaming on Netflix in 2022.

The only flaw of Netflix is that there is no free content. However, specific developing markets do enjoy a free trial. 

A premium subscription of about $10 a month is a minimal requirement for you to enjoy all the Korean drama, movies and TV shows. 

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#4. Kocowa 

Kocowa can be your third best choice when it comes to watching Korean drama. It’s a premium streaming service exclusively available in North and South America.

A range of Korean dramas from free-to-air TV networks is available in this platform.

You can enjoy some decent and free Korean drama content directly available on the site within 6 hours of the broadcast. 

You can enjoy over 17,000 hours of new and classic shows from the Asian country in English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

You can choose from three different premium plans: A regular plan worth $0.99, a monthly plan worth $6.99, and a yearly plan worth $69.99.

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All you have to do is make a Kocowa account or simply login using your Google or Facebook account.

#5. HULU

Another giant U.S.-based subscription online streaming service is HULU. This on-demand video service owned and operated by Walt Disney offers a vast library with diverse content, including Korean dramas.

Descendants of the Sun, Oh My Venus, The Legend of the Blue Sea, alongside older classic sitcoms are some of the exclusive Korean shows you can currently find on Hulu.

Currently, the service is available in the US and Japan respectively, with native Android and iOS smartphone applications. The website is excellent both in terms of the content quality and streaming speed. 

Hulu is a paid subscription service with premium plans starting as low as $5.99 a month. However, you can enjoy up to a one-month free trial period, during which you can stream a range of Korean dramas and other content.

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#6. Asian Crush

Here comes the sixth best K-drama streaming service Asian Crush which offers an extensive library of HD quality Korean shows. It has a good genre of movies and TV shows, from dramas, spine-chilling horrors and thrillers, to action, supernatural, romance, comedy and much more.

It features a multilingual database of subtitles. You can watch your favourite Korean dramas making it one of the best places to watch Korean Drama with English subtitles.

Finally, the icing on the cak: Asian Crush is a free streaming service and you don’t need any subscription plans. You can watch the content online and download them for viewing offline. 

Often, you’re unable to decide on which show to watch. Isn’t it? Tap the random button exclusively available in this service. A random Korean drama will start streaming.

You can also watch the content via devices such as Android and iOS smartphones, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

However, the only downside is that Asian Crush is available only in the United States and Canada, but is as popular as Netflix and Hulu.

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#7. Toggle

Owned by Mediacorp, Toggle is another on-demand TV streaming service. It offers a wide access to content, including drama series, comedies, kids’ movies, Toggle originals, and more.

Lately, the service introduced Korean drama to its content base, making it another top-notch K-drama website.

It offers free and premium content which is available on Toggle Prime. You can either watch directly on the service’s website, or through the Toggle app on your smartphone or devices like Apple TV, Chromecast and AirPlay.

The Toggle prime subscription plans start at pocket-friendly prices for only $9.90 a month.

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#8. New Asian TV

Next on the list stands New Asian TV. As the name suggests it is popularly known as the hub of top-notch HD quality Korean, Japanese and Asian dramas.

You can seamlessly enjoy and download unlimited mainstream Korean dramas on this website.

The service deserves a fixed spot on our top 10 list given its user-friendly interface which makes it effortless for the user to search and scroll through a wide list.

You mustn’t forget to take advantage of the lights off feature that hide everything other than the stream player. The feature comes in handy while viewing the content in a non-fullscreen mode.

The only downside found is that the website isn’t unavailable in all countries.

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#9. Dramago

Coming in the second last list of the best Korean show platforms is Dramago. It’s another popular website for you to download your favourite Korean dramas for free.

Search for top and super hit Korean dramas and download your favourite Korean shows with a single tap on the stream player button itself. Additionally, there are 5 to 7 servers to stream Korean shows.

Finally, the website broadcasts latest Drama releases on its homepage with a huge list to make a choice.

#10. KBS World TV

Want to spend some quality time with your family over a Korean drama? KBS World is a 24-hour Korean family entertainment channel offering an expansive range of Korean content, including Korean dramas.

You can access the service’s content through normal TV programs in South Korea.

However, international audience can access a range of Korean shows uploaded by the channel (with subtitles) on their YouTube channel, for free.

Once a Korean drama fan, always a Korean drama fan. . . 

Well talking about Korean drama and movies, the question arises what’s the hype all about Korean dramas?

Anyone head-over-heels in love with Korean dramas will tell you that one of the many perks is discovering more about South Korea.

Especially when you’re barred from travelling to the Land of the Morning Calm, what’s even better to learn about this country through its entertainment culture? 

Besides, it bridges a gap between worldwide audiences shedding light on pressing issues of class divides, the power dynamics between male and female genders, attitudes toward work and success, frustrations about love, workplace politics, and various other complexities of social life in South Korea.

Viewers all over the globe not only gain a broader understanding of Korean culture and its people but can naturally relate to these issues.  

While the ‘’K-magic’’ is spreading all over the globe and drawing millions of viewers to raise their expectations from the industry, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. 

If you find this helpful do share your feedback with us.


Want to add some more to your knowledge about Korean Drama and the websites streaming them? Here’s what you need to know:

Q. What’s the reason behind the popularity of Korean shows?
Unlike any other TV shows, Korean dramas are popular given their intense, emotional, and engaging content. 

Whether its Korean drama, movie, music, beauty products, and food, the reason behind the culture gaining momentum is the competence of the Korean industry to replicate what never caught people’s interest. 

K-dramas and K-pop culture are reflecting current relatable issues faced by the younger audience, such as anxiety, depression, work-home balance. 

The clarity of their concepts and polished acting skills of South Korean celebs makes them stand out since the 1990s.

Q. What other alternate platforms deliver Korean dramas?
Numerous platforms are streaming Korean dramas today. But a couple of them are top notch and legally safe sites other than those mentioned above. These are-OnDemandKorea, Viu, Anime TV, Amazon prime Videos, KissAsian, Dramacool, KShow123 and many others.

Q. How to watch a Korean drama if the website is blocked?
Various K-drama websites are often blocked in several countries given legal issues. You can unblock these sites if you use a VPN, proxy or mirror site.

Q. Is it true that many Korean Drama websites are shutting down?
The rapid popularity of Korean dramas has simultaneously given space to many illegal websites infringing copyrighted content.

So, recently, many producers and filmmakers have been taking stringent action against services that participate in such activities, resulting in closure of many websites.

Q. Can I download English subtitles for Free?
Yes, Korean dramas with English subtitles are available for free on a few top websites- KissAsian, Quickdrama, Myasiantv, and DramaCool.

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