Best Chrome Extensions for Twitch TV [2022]

Despite being the biggest live video streaming platform offering a range of content, from video gameplay to eating and much more, Twitch lacks several features to offer a seamless streaming experience.

With a not-so-user-friendly interface, most Twitch streamers and viewers prefer using third party extensions that have advanced features and customized tools, unlike the bare Twitch interface.

However, the Twitch community has found a solution to this problem – by creating a variety of extensions.

Let’s get started. . . 

Twitch TV Extensions: How to use them?

Using Twitch extensions is a lot easier than you might think. The first step begins with finding the extension you want.

Start searching for it in the Chrome Web Store. Once you’ve located it, install it on your browser and then navigate to Twitch.

Like most extensions add an icon on the browser tab next to the address (URL) bar, you’ll find a small puzzle piece icon. Click on the Extensions tab to open the extensions page.

From here you can access the added features and/or configure functionality. 

Other extensions, however, will add the features to your Twitch interface, from where you can customize it to enhance the functionality.

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Twitch TV

To help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Google Chrome Extensions for Twitch that guarantee a hassle-free streaming experience. 

#1. BetterTwitchTV

BetterTwitchTV (BTTV) is one of the best-known extensions for Twitch. 

This browser extension comes with a variety of additional features, to enhance the Twitch interface and give you a better and smoother streaming experience.

One of the most interesting features is the dark theme/mode, which enables you to modify the interface, giving you a brand new and better viewing experience.

Other features include, mass unban and anonymous chat, showing deleted links and messages, image and link previews by hovering the mouse.

Instant chat message translation, blacklisting keywords and phrases, extra emoticons, Chat splitting for easy reading, hiding visual noise and bits, and calculated username colours, are among the others.

The add-on is very simple to install and easy to use. Just install it on your browser and visit Twitch to start using it.

#2. TwitchLive

Another top twitch add-on for your Chrome browser is TwitchLive. With TwitchLive you can keep a track of your favourite channels without going out of the Twitch interface. 

Once the add-on is installed, it adds an icon on the top-right corner of your browser. A drop-down list of the current live channels will appear when you click on the icon.

You can create a personalized channel list by adding them manually or importing the channels that you follow.

Additionally, the extension comes with a notification feature, which will alert you whenever one of your favourite channels goes live.

#3. FrankerFaceZ

Another comprehensive enhancement add-on is FrankerFaceZ which comes with custom channel emotes, layout and chat customizations.

Streamers who aren’t affiliated with Twitch will especially enjoy FFZ since they don’t have the option to create their own emotes and use them in chat.

You also get some other advanced chat moderation tools like hiding the unfollow button, badges from the chat and options to add keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, you can block unwanted features on Twitch’s interface and group chats.

You can also create customized emotes for yourself and your followers with the FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) extension for Twitch.

Using this extension, you can also share the emotes through FrankerFace’s public library.

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#4. TwitchNow

Despite similarities with Twitch Live, the only difference with Twitch Now is that the latter allows you to track the channels you follow. 

This extension offers you more functionality, as it automatically imports without manually adding the channels.

Similar to TwitchLive, the extension adds an icon on the browser’s top-right corner. Tapping the icon will display all the live channels.

Additional functionality is also available in form of notifications as and when a channel goes live. 

Additionally, channels can be filtered based on games and you can also browse the current top channels.

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#5. ReChat

ReChat is another top Twitch chat extension where you don’t miss a chat message, which is common when a stream is overloaded with users.

With ReChat, you can rewatch the streaming video you’ve missed with the corresponding chat messages, reliving your Twitch experience.

Easy to install on your Chrome browser, go to Twitch, and rewatch streams as if they are live.

#6. is another best Chrome extension for Twitch. You can capture highlights of top moments from a Twitch live stream, and share them on public library.

You can also share these clips with multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, and others.

#7. Twitch Favorites

A single streamer channel may include hundreds and thousands of users trying to communicate at the same time. 

The bigger the streamer, the harder it can be to catch messages from close friends and favourite followers’ users.

However, Twitch Favorites eases this issue making chat messages from your favorite user stand out.

All you have to do is add people to your Favorites and the extension highlights messages and notifications in real-time in the chats so that you don’t miss them.

With Twitch Favorites you can also set up custom colours to your favorite users, thus making it easy to track their messages.

On top of that, the Twitch Favorites extension is also very useful while you are a viewer watching other streamers’ channels.

#8. Twitch Tracker

Do you follow countless Twitch channels? and manually tracking all of them becomes frustrating? Needless to mention, it’s almost impossible.

With Twitch Tracker, you can easily track when your favorite channels are going live. The extension adds a visual and/or audio notification to your interface when a channel goes live.

Opting for desktop notifications (audio and/or visual), however, comes  in handy especially when you need to multitask.

This is a very user intuitive and ad-free channel, with no attempt to access personal or sensitive data.

#9. Twitch Giveaways

If you are a newbie to Twitch and/or are looking to enhance your user base, Twitch Giveaways is one of the best Twitch extensions you can choose to have on your browser.

Moreover, Giveaways have become an inseparable part of streaming. Thus, an extension with a giveaway system enables you to easily give away various prizes to users, which will allure them to subscribe to your channel. It will also bring in new subscribers from time to time to come to view your content.

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#10. Unwanted Twitch

Are you looking to block content you don’t like? And the only option is to block an entire channel/game?

Not really. Unwanted Twitch extension for your Chrome browser has a better fix.

This extension allows you to block only the streams you don’t want, without interrupting the rest of the content you’re enjoying. 

Be it games, streams, categories, channels or tags, you can simply click on the button X at the top right of the Twitch panels to hide/get rid of any content you don’t like on your feed.

Furthermore, the extension offers several useful features, such as disabling filtering, importing and exporting blacklists followed by automatic synchronizing of blacklists between devices.


Streaming on a basic Twitch interface will only give you a “satisfactory” experience. 

But with Twitch extensions, you’re exposed to more functionality. It gives you a better viewing experience while you view content from other streamers and makes your channel more interesting to use.

Whether you’re a streamer or viewer and looking out for easy-to-use extensions, the above listed are the 10 best Twitch extensions for Chrome browsers guaranteed to offer you the most functionality.


With plenty of options available today, it makes sense that you’ve got a few additional queries about Twitch extensions in mind? We’ve caught a few frequently asked questions and dropped their answers for you here.

Q. What are Twitch Extensions used for?

For streaming platforms such as Twitch, there are custom software programs that interact with the Twitch platform to perform various tasks and actions. 

The extensions allow you to create interactive experiences such as mini-games, leaderboards, live gear information, and more that interact with the stream, as a panel on a channel, or with chat.

Q. What are the different categories of extensions available on Twitch?

There are plenty of official extensions available on the Twitch streaming platform classified into eight categories:

  • Extensions For Games
  • Schedule & Countdowns
  • Loyalty & Recognition
  • Streamer Tools
  • Viewer Engagement
  • Music
  • Polling & Voting
  • Games in Extensions
Q. Is the Twitch TV Chrome extension free?

Yes, the above-mentioned Chrome extensions for Twitch TV are free. They are all very easy to install and use.

Q. Are Twitch TV Extensions compatible with mobile devices?

Any Twitch extension that the developer has made mobile-ready should be compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Q. Can I have more than one Twitch TV extension active at once?

The total extensions allowed on Twitch are 6. 

  • 3 Panel Extensions
  • 1 Overlay Extension
  • 2 Component Extensions
Q. Can I get rid of the Twitch TV Extensions anytime?

From the Creator Dashboard, navigate to the Extensions tab on the left of the screen. From there, move the cursor to click on the My Extensions tab.  

The next screen will display all of your extensions in two columns- The installed extensions  on your dashboard is the first column while the Activated extensions is the second column.

In the Activated extensions column, click on the garbage can icon in the window containing the extension you’d like to remove. A confirmation pop-up appears to confirm the deactivation of the extension.

For extensions in the left-hand Installed column, tap on the drop-down menu under the logo of the extension you want to remove.

Now click on Uninstall. Again, a pop-up confirmation window appears to confirm the uninstallation of the chosen extension.

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