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  1. Cannot setup because tv provider is Dish. I have Roku so I thought this service would stream. Hate missing uil playoffs in Texas.

  2. Do I have to pay for Bally sports on Roku. I just got Roku installed and and can’t watch the pistons games because when they send the activation code it expires before I have time to active bally sports. Is there an easier way to activate it.

  3. Unless you have cable you are unable to access. Even though everything I have read states we can if we have a roku tv. Very disappointed.

  4. I Tried to sign up for Bally Sports with no luck. Please have someone call me at 218-390-0321 thanks

  5. I have the app on my Firestick but can’t connect with my YoutubeTV provider. Can someone contact me with another option? I keep going on circles with codes.

  6. I had Bally last year but now I can’t get it. I am so angry and frustrated. I’m not about to give a cc for a free app.

  7. Bally Sports was working fine for a couple days! Now it says “can’t connect to provider!” Tried to reinstall it and now it doesn’t give me a place to enter the new code! Very frustrating! You can stick your seven day free trial!

  8. The sign up is very difficult. Enter correct code and get invalid code what’s up with that???

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