How to Add Roku Channels on Android, iPhone and Browser

Various industries today have increasingly adopted digital media, resulting in an inclination toward multiple streaming services.

Thus, with a market share of around 61%, live streaming services accounted for the largest portion of revenue in 2021. 

However, one of the earliest companies that adopted web-based streaming into a self-contained and app-driven device was Roku.

Roku’s ability to add new channels to your Roku home screen is one of the reasons behind its rising popularity. 

Roku’s channel store contains thousands of channels, ranging from daily essentials like CBS NewsPluto TV, Hoopla, and Spotify to popular channels for TV shows like Acorn TV, Light , Saber Network. 

Plex is among a few other handy utilities to let you stream your personal media library, games, are popular add-ons. 

To use the best of Roku, follow the guide to know how to add Roku channels on Android, iPhone and Browser.

Add on to watch to Roku 

You can only make the best use of Roku by using its Add Channel feature. Roku’s add channel feature allows you to add unlimited channels of your choice. 

These channels are available under multiple genres such as Kids and Family, Music and Podcasts, News and Weather, Sports, Comedy, Animation, etc.

So, your Roku channels can be directly added to Android, iPhone and Browser. Let’s walk you through the process. . . 

Add Channels on Roku Device

The Roku device gives you access to the Roku Channel Store, hosting multiple free and paid channels. These channels can be sorted by multiple categories and you may add only the ones you want. 

First, go to the Roku Channel Store using your Roku remote.

  • Press the Home key on the Roku remote to access the Roku Home screen.
  • Now navigate to Streaming Channels using the down arrow on your Roku remote.
  • Now tap the OK button on your remote to enter the Roku Channel Store.
  • Browse to find the channels you want to add by Featured or search through Genres or type to Search the channel by name.
  • Now select the channel you want to add, and then tap on Add channel.
  • You should see a Channel added message on your screen. Tap to select OK.
  • Now that your channel is successfully added, select Go to channel to visit and confirm the channel immediately. The channel is accessible it anytime from your Home screen.

Note: While adding channels you must check which are free and which are paid channels. 

Paid channels will prompt you for payment at the time of adding it. For instance, channels like Netflix or Hulu, demand a paid subscription to access their content.

Also, If you want to remove a channel from Roku, select that channel from Roku’s main interface. Press the Star button on your Roku remote, and select Remove channel from the menu.

Add Roku Channels on Android and iOS Devices

Before adding channels, you must ensure that the Roku mobile app is installed on your iOS or Android devices. 

For Android, visit Google Play Store >Type to search Roku>Install. For iOS, visit App Store>Type to search Roku>Install.

Once installed, you may use the Roku app to manage your Roku channels.

  • Launch the Roku application and select Devices from the bottom menu
  • Tap the Channels tab below your connected Roku.
  • Here, you’ll see a list of the currently installed channels. To add a channel, tap on the Channel Store.
  • Next, browse to find the channels you want to add by Featured or search through Genres or type to Search the channel by name.
  • Now find the channel you want to add, and then tap Add.
  • You’ll be notified with a Channel added message on screen. After this, select OK.

Note: If you want to remove a channel from the Roku mobile app, open the Channels option from the app’s interface. Tap and hold the channel and select Remove. The channel will be successfully removed.

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Add Roku Channels to Browser

You may also add channels on Roku using a browser. Whether on a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook PC, you can use Roku’s official website to add a channel to your Roku device. The website gives you access to the Roku Channel Store which hosts a list of unlimited channels. You may choose your favorites and use them on your device. Let’s check how.

  • First, visit Roku’s official website and sign in to your account.
  • Now from the top right select your account icon and then select the Roku Channel store.
  • Browse to select a category, including ThemesTravelTV en EspanolFeatured, and more.
  • Now search for a channel you want to add, and then tap to select Add Channel.
  • The channel app is installed immediately, and you’ll also be notified with a confirmation message on-screen.

Note: Removing a channel is only possible through your Roku device or the Roku mobile app. This is because Roku’s website does not let you remove channels.

Add Non-certified / Private channels to Roku

Did you know that if a channel is still in a testing phase, it’s considered a private, or “non-certified “channel? Though they aren’t available in the Roku Channel Store, you can install them with an access code.

Here’s how you can add a non-certified / private Roku channel:

  • Visit Roku’s official website and sign in to your account.
  • Now selecting your account icon on the top right, select My Account.
  • Find and select the Add channel with a code option under Manage account
  • Here, enter the channel access code and then tap on Add channel.
  • At this stage, you’ll be notified with a warning message about Roku’s policies about non-certified channels. Tap on OK and continue.
  • Now, select the option Yes, add channel on the confirmation screen. You will be able to add the channel to your channel list.

Note: While there’s no official list of non-certified channels, if you search Google for “Roku private channels,” you’ll find many non-certified channels and their access codes.


Today, watching something “on your Roku” is a standard norm. The company makes a family of media-streaming devices that all run the Roku software.

Coming to streaming free content, no other destination will be as great as Roku. By now you must have learnt that the Roku Channel is itself an entire streaming experience.

With a wide collection of free-to-watch, ad-supported shows, and movies, Roku is home to more than 100 free live TV streaming channels. These include ABC News Live, NowThis, Reuters, and USA Today. 

There are sports channels too, including Fubo Sports Network, Outside TV, and Adventure Sports Network.

To enhance your experience, you may also hook on to a paid subscription to access channels like Netflix, Hulu etc (optional). 

However, dedicated channels added from the Channel Store only function on Roku devices. 

You can access the Channel Store through the Roku app on iOS and Android, as well as on the web. 

This is a tricky tip to extend and enhance your Roku experience onto other devices and stream your favourite content anytime and anywhere.


Have a few more queries in mind? Solve them with our compiled frequently asked questions guide.

Q. How do I find channels on the Roku Channel Store?

You can explore various categories and genres available in the Roku Channel Store to add new channels and remove them from your device when no longer needed.

Q. Can I add more than one channel on Roku?

You can add as many channels as you like. Each Roku version has over 3,000 channels. However, note that there are free and paid channels on Roku. Although you can add as many free channels as you like, subscription channels will require payment each time you add one.

Q. Can I only view the channel information without adding it?

Depending on how you tap, you can either open the channel or simply view more information about it. A single tap installs the channel on your device. But tapping and holding a channel button will open more information about that channel.

Q. What channels can I get on Roku?

Roku is home to over 3000 paid and unpaid channels. Stream free or paid programming from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV, HBO, SHOWTIME, PBS etc. You’ll also get channels for sports, news, international, kids programming and broadcast channels like ABC and CBS.

Q. What are hidden/secret channels on Roku?

Roku’s channel lineup includes “hidden” or” secret” channels that require a specific code before you find and access them. 

These are just like the channels you can find in the Roku store, but you cannot access them without knowing their channel codes. 

Hidden or secret channels on Roku do not just have an extensive range of programming but such is exclusive and interesting content to those available by default.

Q. How do I find and add the hidden channels on Roku?

To find and add hidden channels on Roku:

  • Visit Roku’s official website from your smartphone or PC and sign in to your Roku account.
  • Under the Manage account section, tap on the Add channel with a code.
  • Enter your channel’s access code and select the Add Channel button.
  • A popup warning will be notified onscreen. Tap OK and proceed.
  • Tap OK after you select “Yes, Add Channel“. The hidden channel(s) is successfully added

Note: The channel won’t immediately appear in your Roku channel lineup. However, for immediate access go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on your Roku device. 

Q. How do I see all my Roku channels?

To see your Roku channel(s) line up:

From the Roku mobile app> tap Channels from the navigation bar. From the Channels tab> My Channels to view the Channel list installed on your Roku device. 

Q. Why is Roku not letting me add channels?

Continuous Roku usage results in temporary files being stored on your device in the form of cache files and cookies. These often block adding new channels to your list. If you notice some of the apps or channels have suddenly stopped working, clear the cache.

Q. How do I remove channels from Roku?

To remove channel(s) you no longer want, follow these quick steps:

  • Open the Roku app and select Devices > Channels.
  • Tap and hold the channel you want to remove, and then select Remove Channel.
  • Click on Remove again to confirm the action.

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